Every role deserves respect and appreciation including parents. Parent’s Day was established in 1994 to honor parenthood on the fourth Sunday of July every year. Let’s honor them properly with some great tips and ideas organized below. Celebrate it with a thoughtful gift like hummingbird necklaces or always in my heart locket necklace.

A Day to Honor Parents Nationally

In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed on Congress of “The Parents’ Day Resolution” and established every fourth of July as Parent’s Day in the states. After the celebration of Mother and father’s day in May and June, it makes sense that parents’ day will fall in July.

On this day each year, the Parents’ Day Council significantly promotes the holiday through ceremonies. It celebrates parental teamwork in raising children and supports the role of parents in maintaining a stable and strengthened society. An example is the ‘Parents of the Year award’ organized by community leaders. It honors those who set a marvelous standard for optimistic parenthood at local, state, and national levels.

Essential Numbers for Single Parents

Countries with the top percentage of children under 14 living with a single mom

26% – United Kingdom

25% – Lithuania

23% – United States

23% – Denmark

23% – Lativia

Single fathers are less common compared to single moms, but we must raise the awareness of all parents, especially single parents who bear a heavier responsibility.

Ways to Properly Celebrate Parent’s Day

1. Do the House Cleaning

This might be the most practical thing to do! Give your parents or grandparents a holiday and do all the house cleaning.

They have to bear the burden of cleaning and maintaining the house on a regular basis. Takeover their daily housework task and send them away for a relaxing vacation. A getaway trip organized by children is probably a dream come true for all the parents!

2. Cherish our Loss Parents | Customize an ‘Always In My Heart’ Locket Necklace

“Never forget how much your family loves you.” – Mama Imelda.

We must not forget to celebrate the ones who have passed away. Like the Movie Coco said, ”If there’s no one left in the living world to remember you, you disappear from this world.”

My childhood memories were filled with the presence of my grandparents. Every summer I would stay over at my grandparents’ house or great grandparents’. They love to take me out to parks and make me all kinds of bakery food. These memories will never fade, but the memories of their faces are slowly fading and getting blurry every day.

I was so glad to find this idea of creating a piece of memorial jewelry at YFN. You will love this ‘Always In My Heart’ Locket Necklace, in which you can input your lost ones’ photos into the locket and fill in their ashes in this container.

Another more petite and elegant option would be this Cylinder Urn Necklace Where you can select from 7 designs including Angel Wing, Tree of Life, Humming Bird, Sunflower, Butterfly, Flower, and Heart Shape.

3. Create a Memory Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are like a personal edited photo album. It is not only fun to make but especially meaningful to look at and remember once in a while.

Take a trip down your memory lane and share stories of priceless events in the family with photos and remarks with explanations on each page. Tell the story of how you managed to ride a bike with the help of your father in the back alleys, or how you had your first housework lesson by making your first butter cookie with grandma. Technology may help us save papers, but memories need to be cherished with heart instead of laying cold and meaningless inside our phones.

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