Summer Break is getting close to the end which means it is time to get ready for another new school year! 2022 is going to be an exciting new chapter, the first time we could travel and enjoy a better vacation compared to 2020 and 2021. Gear up yourself or your kids with a significant gift to celebrate their new journey! Did you know you can turn your children’s drawings into jewelry? Discover more playful and inspiring jewelry for all students from kindergarten to university, especially for those going into freshman year!

Turn Your Children’s Drawings Into Jewelry | All Ages

Do you still remember your first drawing? Or your kids’ first stick man scribbles? Now you can immortalize your own doodles, your family photo, or your children’s art with a fine necklace! A dainty piece that you can treasure and wear beside your heart every single day.

Customize Gift Card

YFN offers a variety of customized gift card services where you can input your personal message together with the necklace. When you place your YFN order, you can view the customized message visually (left image below). Or you can leave the recipient to fill in this special date on the gift card along with your blessing under it.

Customize Gift Card | Leave your powerful words!
Leave your message and record this memorable day!

Customized Gift Packaging

Instantly upload your family photo or your favorite animation, or TV drama poster to upgrade the gift packaging into a customized one.

Customize ID Bar Birthstone Jewelry | All Ages

The birthstone is set in prongs to create a heart shape wrapping around it on the ID Bar. Besides, you may leave your personalized message or important medical alert information as a Medical Alert Bracelet. This style is unisex and just as cool worn solo or to layer with any other hand jewelry.

Personalized Gift: Birthstone ID Bar Bracelet

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