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Someone believes that when a ladybug, also known as ladybird lands on you, it means that good luck comes upon you. Ladybugs are considered as a luck symbol in many cultures. Therefore, many brand jewelry designers put this cute insect with red and black skirt into their works such as ladybug necklace, ladybug earrings, etc.

Find meaning in animals is nothing new. People from different cultures have assigned different animal attributes to symbolize their core personality. We are going to talk about the different views of ladybug from the East and the West.

ladybug necklace and earrings

Ladybug Symbol in the East

The seven-star ladybug is a symbol of a free-spirited life. They are found all over the world, especially in small places, such as fields, and most importantly, they can survive in all kinds of places. These insects live a life of leisure, and children in the countryside, often grab one in the palm of their hands to play. These small insect brought endless fun to children.

Special Symbol

People in the East, especially Chinese attach importance to the same sounds and regards the seven-star ladybug with its symbolic meaning of wealth and prosperity as a special symbol. The richness of the ladybug also lies in its brilliant colors, and its delicate shape has a sense of grandeur.

A Symbol of Ideal

The brilliant pattern on the body of the ladybug has the desire to take into account the great development and is also a symbol of the ideal.

A Guarder of farmers

The ladybug is also the embodiment of the guardian. Many fruits and vegetables and even crops have aphids, and the seven-star ladybug is the natural enemy of these aphids, so we can harvest intact crops with it, which is the most crucial thing that sets the seven-star ladybug apart from other pests!

Ladybug symbol in the West

In the West, the symbols of luck and love are also embedded in the Ladybug. In European culture, the piglet, the four-leaf clover and the seven-star ladybug are all symbols of good fortune.

In English contexts, ladybugs are also called “Ladybird”, which is their common name.

Virgin Mary and Ladybug

In Western Catholicism, the Virgin Mary is known as Our Lady. The red shell of the ladybug symbolizes the Virgin Mary in a red robe, and the seven stars on its back symbolize the Virgin Mary in a red robe. The seven stars on the back of the insect symbolize the Virgin Mary’s back and happiness. Therefore, they are also called Our Lady’s Ladybug.

Love and Ladybug

There is also a saying that according to legend from Provence. If a ladybug rests on a man’s body

then it means that the man will soon meet the love of his life, get married and have children.

And if a young girl waiting for her wedding wants to envision her future love the ladybug can be placed on her index finger. The number of seconds the ladybug stays represents the number of years until the wedding.

Celebrity and Ladybug

The famous American movie star Marilyn Monroe had a “ladybird” watch. The American President John F. Kennedy often referred to her as “my ladybird” in his letters to the poet. In this way, the ladybug is also a symbol of love. In addition, in Germany, people generally believe that the seven-star ladybug can bring them good luck.

The unique culture of the ladybug has slowly penetrated into the lives of people in the West. They are found in everything from makeup to jewelry.

YFN Ladybug Necklace

ladybug necklace

The ladybug, also known as ladybird/lady beetle, symbolizes good fortune, a happy surprise, protection, grace and eternal love. For farmers, they are a sign of a good weather and an abundant harvest.

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