How to choose the right necklace length?

You have found your new adoring necklace but struggling to find out which is the perfect size? YFN is here to help and solve this concern for you! Simply follow the comprehensive necklace size guide below and measure your desired length with a string wrapped around your neck. Don’t forget to save a copy of the necklace size guide near the end of the post!

Here are the things you need to keep in mind when selecting the length of your necklace.

1. Your height

Did you know that you can get a necklace to complement your height, similar to how different clothing styles suit various heights? If you are under 5 feet 4, you should go for something between 16 to 20 inches. This way, the chain wouldn’t appear bulky on your neckline.

Alternatively, if you are between 5-feet-4 to 5-feet-7, a 22 to 22 inches chain would be ideal. For a gorgeous tall gal, 5-feet-7 and taller, the ideal necklace starts at around 25 inches.

2. Face Shape

The ideal length of a chain can accentuate your face’s contours. Long chains are perfect for round faces, while smaller chains up to 18-inches are an idea for round or angular faces.

Chokers go well with heart-shaped faces as it accentuates your sharp facial features. The same goes for triangle and diamond-shaped faces. Oval face shapes are the most accommodating; you can wear anything, from long chains to trendy chokers.

3. Your Strongest Features

You should also consider which of your features you feel most confident drawing attention to. A choker-style necklace can focus attention on your neck. On the other hand, sparkling necklaces and chokers make your eyes the center of attention.

What are the different necklace sizes? Your Free Necklace Size Guide

Knowing the standard necklace sizes and their names can help you find the correct size. So, that’s what we will be sharing next!

  • Collar: 12 to 14 inches – it sits tightly around your neck
  • Choker: 14 to 16 inches – it sits on the base of your neck, just above the collar-bone
  • Princess: 18 inches -dangles just below your collar-bone
  • Matinee: 20 to 25 inches – between the collar-bone and bust; it is the ideal length for layering two to four necklaces
  • Opera: 26 to 36 inches – long enough to wrap around your neck to create the illusion of a double strand
  • Rope: 37 inches or longer – hangs to the waistline; can be covered, knotted, or layered

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