It’s coming close to the day to honor man’s best friend. If you don’t already have a pet calendar, August 26 is the time to celebrate International Dog Day. Let’s get started on spoiling our dogs! Don’t miss out on the Dog Fever Story shared by Hilary Kennedy at the end.

History of International Dog Day

Colleen Paige who is a dog lover and animal advocate has founded National Dog Day in 2004 in the United State. This day was adopted into legislation in the state of New York in 2013. August 26 was the day she adopted her first dog when she was 10 years old and that’s the reason she chose this day.

Proudly express your love for your dog officially on this national holiday! Up until today, many other countries have embraced International Dog Day. Shop a pair of puppy earrings as a gift for yourself or your dog-lover friends to celebrate this day now.

Why Are We Celebrating International Dog Day?

The purpose to celebrate International dog day is to raise awareness of the condition of animals and to encourage pet adoption. Nevertheless, to celebrate our friendly puppies and doggies!

Four Reasons to Celebrate International Dog Day

  • Encourage people to adopt dogs from local shelters instead of buying from pet stores that support unethical backyard breeders.
  • Recognize dogs that contribute to supporting humans (saving lives, bringing us comfort, etc.)
  • Acknowledge dogs that need to be rescued
  • Rescue dogs from abuse and homeless

Personalized Pet Photograph Necklace

If you are looking for something fun and remarkable to remark the memories of you and your dog. Make sure to get this Personalized Pet Photograph Necklace! YFN Jewelry can help you transform any of your favorite pet photos onto the round tag necklace which comes in 3 colors of your choice. Proudly show off their adorable smile or silly faces wherever you are!

custom puppy necklace
personalized puppy necklace

Always In My Heart Dog Memorial Necklace

The Unique 2-in-1 Crystal Angel Wing Paw Print Urn Necklace is a wonderful way to honor our lost pets or pet lovers. Our Pet Cremation necklace can hold some of your pet’s ashes or hair, with “no longer by my side… but forever in my heart” engraved on the back to remind you that your loved pet or person will always be with you.

The combination of angel wings and paw prints means your pet is on the way to heaven and will become an angel to accompany and protect you. You can choose 1-2 photos to put in the paw print locket necklace to keep the happy moments between you and your pets. Make these precious memories closed to your heart and bring you endless encouragement.

custom urn neckalce for ashes

Double Ring Dog Memorial Necklace

This 925 Sterling Silver Double Ring Paw Cremation Necklace may store your loving pet’s ashes. Just like the angel wing one, you may screws from the top of the urn, allowing you to place a tiny amount of their ashes or hair in it. Do not restrict your imagination from the word”urn” or “memorial”. Feel free to pour in some perfume or crushed flowers, sand, and notepaper that will remind you of your lovely pet.

personalized cat necklace
personalized cat necklace

Dog Lover’s Story: @HilaryKennedy

“We adopted them through a rescue organization and learned they were found in a hoarder’s home with at least 40 other dogs in deplorable conditions. They were shuffled around to several foster homes before coming home with us for good. The gratitude and love they show us each day warms our hearts.”

From Hilary Kennedy’s Blog

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