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The arrival of a newborn is a great gift for the new parents. All people around the world are so happy to welcome their babies that varied newborn celebrations spring up in different cultures. Most of these traditional customs originated from religions. Though they vary each other the essence of these celebrations are sincere blessings such as engraved name jewelry and ardent expectations for that swaddled baby.


Top Ten Ways to Celebrate a Newborn in Different Cultures

Christians believed that babies are born with original sin, and they need baptism to cleanse them. So that they may become adopted sons and daughters of God and receive the grace of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that the kingdom of God also belongs to children (see Mt 18:4; Mk 10:14)


In Egypt, the celebration of a newborn is always held on the seventh day after the baby’s birthday.

At this party, mom’s female friends will be invited to enjoy food and have a talk. It is a stodgy party, but its name isn’t normal at all. Egyptian call the celebration of newborns “Sebou”. It is the Arabic word for “week”. And this is why the party will be held six days later since the baby was born.

Because without advanced medical technology, the infant mortality rate was terrible during the 1950s. So Egyptians consider the seventh day as the first milestone in these babies’ life.


In ancient China, “Zhua zhou” was a popular ritual to celebrate the arrival of the children held around the first year of life. In this ritual, parents and other relatives prepared pens, chess, an abacus, coins, books, musical instruments, and other items for the child to grab at will. It was supposed that the first item grabbed by the child was a symbol of the baby’s future occupation.

This traditional Chinese custom dates back to the Period of Wei, Jin, and Southern and Northern Dynasties(AD220-AD589). Now there still have a few Chinese people adopting it to celebrate their children’s first year in life.

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate a Newborn in Different Cultures

In ancient China, it was common for fathers t bury a jar of wine when their wives gave birth to a baby. Maiden Rose, the Chinese word for daughter and red, is named after the ancient celebrating ritual. When ancient Chinese people get a girl, they buried a jar of wine until the day their daughter got married. All the behaviors are filled with unconditional love and good blessings.


Top Ten Ways to Celebrate a Newborn in Different Cultures

There are two traditional customs for celebrating the birth of a baby till now in Japan, omiyamairi (お宮参り) and okuizome (お食い初め).

Omiyamairi refers to the first time the new baby visits a shrine which usually takes place around the first month of life. Most Japanese will choose to wear their traditional clothing for respect.

Okuizome is held to celebrate the baby’s 100 days of life which involves delicious food. And each dish has meaning to it and the order of tasting them is strict. The dishes include sea bream (an auspicious fish in Japanese culture), sashimi (for a good partner), some simmered vegetables and fish (representing longevity), pickled plums (a symbol for health and longevity), bamboo shoots (for health), and rice with azuki beans (believed to dispel bad luck).

Other Cultures

In other cultures, new mothers bury the placenta after their baby’s birth and plant a tree or anything else in the same area. It is supposed that burying the baby’s placenta makes the connection between the baby and the earth close. And the tree will grow along with the baby which is a symbol of parents’ love and exceptions.

Modern Celebrating Ways

Let’s put our eyes on modern celebrating ways for newborns. Actually, everyone has their own way to celebrate birth. But the most popular ways to celebrate birth are as follows.

Have a Pregnancy Photoshoot

Pregnancy is a beautiful and great thing that the mothers-to-be are raising a new life in their bellies.

Pregnancy makes them totally different from what they looked like before pregnancy with a big belly, swollen faces, and anklets. It is hard but also exciting because you will give birth to a baby, the best reward for your tough ten-month maternity. So taking a maternity photo shoot is not only a celebration for the baby but also respect and praise for moms.

The trend of having a pregnancy photoshoot also manifests the more mature and comprehensive aesthetics of the new generation and women’s confidence.

Record Footprint

When the baby was born, recording the size and shape of the baby’s footprint is meaningful as the baby grows day by day. It is also very cool to customize your baby footprint-shaped necklace. YFN jewelry is a professional jewelry custom service provider that can tailor for you.

Plant a Tree

In ancient China, it was common for fathers to plant a tree when their wives gave birth to a baby. As time goes on, the tree will grow up as a witness to the growing up of the little child. How meaningful it is. And the celebrating way continues till now.

Keepsake Jewelry

As we have mentioned above, more and more people realize the importance to record the important moments of our life. Except for taking photos, personalizing jewelry is the best choice for new mothers. A lot of celebrities customize their own letter necklaces engraved with their children’s names or initials. For example, the duchess of the United Kingdom wears a name-engraved necklace.

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duchess necklace
duchess necklace

The Benefits of Personalizing a Baby Name Necklace

  • Perform as an Adornment

Duchess necklaces are charming jewelry with gems and high-quality metal. They add more charms to you and pair with your outfits.

  • Bring You Power

Duchess necklaces symbolize the responsibility of a mom and they will give you power whenever you are and how many difficulties you come across.

  • Holding Your Memory

The duchess’s necklace calls back to the ordeal of the pregnancy period and the happiness when the baby came to the earth. How precious memories they are! They are worth being recorded in the same beautiful items.

In Conclusion

Giving birth to a baby is a great event for women around the world which deserves to be remembered forever. YFN jewelry is committed to helping customers to capture the important moments of their life and inject these precious memories into beautiful items. Personalize your own maternity jewelry now.

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