Personalization At YFN Jewelry

Create Your Own is YFN’s exclusive service in which you can personalize your purchase including the jewelry item, packaging, and gift card. Find out the different ways to make your gift more meaningful at YFN Jewelry!

Create Your Own At YFN Jewelry

Become the Director of Your Own Masterpiece

When imagination and personality meet, an exceptional piece of jewelry will be created by you.

YFN offers a ‘CREATE YOUR OWN’ jewelry service where you can customize your jewelry online. You may choose from the iconic ‘CREATE YOUR OWN’ styles and add your personalization. Take duchess necklace for example, it is a piece worn by duchess of cambridge with three heart-shaped nameplates. It allows you to engrave your childrens’ names or initials on it. Or submit a customized request if you have a specific design in mind. Our in-house designers will be here to witness your vision and turn them from sketches into the finest piece of art you will ever own.

Be prepared to create and embrace the embodiment of you.

Create Your Own Gift Packaging

Instantly upload your family photo or your favorite animation, or TV drama poster to upgrade the gift packaging into a custom-printed gift box.

After submitting your photo, it will be first fit into the frame by our administration and the factory will be using the Hot Stamp Method to complete the production process. The resulting finish is bright and vivid with crisp edges. The final look will turn out elegant and upscale.

Create Your Own Gift Card

YFN offers a variety of customized gift card services where you can input your personal message together with the jewelry. When you place your YFN order, you can view the customized message visually. Or you can leave the recipient to fill in this special date on the gift card along with your blessing under it.

How To Customize Your Gift Packaging & Gift Card

  1. Select your item and add it to the cart
  2. Choose your desired style by adding “Exquisite Package And Card To Your Gift” Or select from “Choose Accessories” in your shopping cart.

Place an order from YFN APP to experience our exclusive customized service!

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