how to clean gold jewelry

How to Clean Gold Jewelry In General

It is super essential to take care of your gold jewelry not only to maintain its value but also to ensure that we are wearing them in their best form. Besides taking your jewelry for cleaning service, you can follow the simple hacks below to keep them in pristine condition!

Tips and hacks to clean your gold jewelry:

  1. Start off by cleaning with a soft cloth to remove dust
  2. For tougher stains, wash in normal water mixed with a gentle detergent-like dishwashing liquid.
  3. You can also dip and submerge your gold or silver in vinegar, milk, or tomato juice.
  4. To clean uneven areas, sprinkle baking soda and clean with a moist cloth.

How To Clean Tarnished Gold Plated Jewelry

Gold Jewelry is such a popular choice for many people because it meets the aesthetic value of consumers and keeps the jewelry at an affordable price range. However, gold-plated jewelry requires extra care to maintain its shiny and fresh look. This includes following some basic maintenance procedures and avoiding tarnishing them. Gold-plated jewelry can look beautiful if maintained properly.

Gold-plated jewelry tends to look shinier than other types of jewelry due to the gold coating on the metal. To keep your precious gold-plated jewelry looking its best, you must clean tarnished pieces regularly. Follow these tips for cleaning tarnished gold-plated jewelry easily.

  1. Wipe It Down with cotton or jewelry cloth
  2. Use gentle soap and warm water to remove dirt
  3. Soak it and remove excessive soil with a cotton swab
  4. Dry and buff gently with a soft cloth
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Makes sure to follow the super-duper easy instructions above to keep your gold and gold-plated jewelry as bright as new!

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