Dainty Hypoallergenic Earrings

Since ancient times, earrings are the best choice to enhance the charm of girls. Choosing a pair of suitable earrings with high quality needs skills. Do you want to get a pair of dainty hypoallergenic earrings? Let’s dive in.

We are going to talk about earrings selecting skills regarding to hairstyles and face shapes.

unicorn opal earrings

Earrings Matching-Hairstyle

Long hair with narrow earrings can show a lady’s style; short hair with delicate earrings can set off a woman’s delicate; asymmetrical hairstyle with asymmetrical earrings can make a person pleasing to the eye; classical hair bun with dangling earrings make a person elegant and noble.

Earrings Matching-Short Hair

Women with short hair suit clean and simple style of earrings such as sterling silver moonstone unicorn dangling hypoallergenic earrings or small dainty hoop earrings. 

Earrings Matching-Long Hair

Simple and romantic earring design will make you look more intellectual and elegant. Unicorn opal earrings stud and dainty hypoallergenic hoop earrings are suitable for you.

Earrings Matching-Long Curly Hair

The earrings will make you look gorgeous. Dangling earrings with colorful unicorn are the most suitable, when you choose to pay attention to the interface of the dangling chain is strong.

Earrings Matching-Face Shapes

The role of earrings in fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses is the most expressive in the lining with face shape.

Round face shape and any long style of earrings echo each other, which can make the face beautiful. People with round faces should not wear round earrings, which will make their faces look fuller. People with long faces can wear round earrings or large earrings to adjust their facial image and make their faces plump and moving. People with square faces are suitable to wear small and exquisite earrings or long and narrow earrings, and can also wear exaggerated big earrings to show unrestrained character.

Earrings Matching-Square Faces

Curved earrings help had add length to the face and ease the angle of the face, such as long oval, string moon, new leaf, single petal shape, etc. Let them soften the lines of the face. People with square faces are better off not wearing square jewelry, or triangular jewelry, pentagonal jewelry and other dainty earrings with sharp lines.

Earrings Matching-Long Faces

You can wear jewelry shaped like round, square fan horizontal design, their rounded square arc beautiful features, can subtly for you to increase the width of the face, reduce the length of the face.

Earrings Matching-Round Faces

In order to create a visual effect of increased length and reduced width of the face, you should choose earrings and pendants such as rectangular whip-shaped, teardrop-shaped, etc. They can make your rich face line soft with rigidity and add a little more bravery.

Earrings Matching – Heart-Shaped Faces

The chin of melon face is more pointed, suitable for wearing “lower edge than the upper edge” earrings and pendants, such as teardrop-shaped, gourd-shaped, and not very sharp angle of the triangle, etc.

Earrings Matching- Diamond-Shaped Faces

For people with this face shape, there is no better match for earrings and pendants than those with a “lower edge larger than the upper edge”, such as teardrop and chestnut shapes. And should avoid wearing diamond-shaped, heart-shaped, inverted triangle and other pendants.

Earrings Matching – Oval Faces

You can enjoy wearing any dainty hypoallergenic earrings and pendants that suit your face skin tone, face size and personal style.

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