YFN Fall Jewelry Checklist

Cooling air, nonstop rain, cozy campfires, and cuddling time with loved ones is finally here! A warming sense of joy can be found in cooler seasons and let’s get ready to layer up! Keep reading for brilliant ideas of how to dress up for this beautiful season from our Fall Checklist below!

As the season changes, so do our fashion outfits. Discover a golden jewelry style that will become your new daily essential for this fall! Including Simple Pearl Ring which is listed in Pinterest Rising Trend of 2022!

Pearlcore – One of The Biggest Jewelry Trends Of 2022

Pearlcore is dominating the jewelry trend this year! You can find it from Pinterest’s Trend Prediction of 2022 and officially proven by Coco Channel on their fashion show. Many of us would think of classic or old fashion when it comes to pearl, but until recently, they have become a staple of aesthetic styles essentials.

According to Pinterest, Pearlcore is a comeback inspiration from our grandma’s closet as a timeless jewel. Do not limit your imagination that Pearlcore is limited to fashion jewelry only. It’s a whole lifestyle we are talking about.

Simple Pearl Ring Or #PearlRingSimple

Trending Search Term On Pinterest

As the minimal concept is rising in the fashion industry, so as simple styles in pearl rings. #pearlringsimple has become one of the hottest trends on Pinterest in 2022 as you can tell from the chart above. You can simply wear a pearl drop earring or pearl ring to take your look back to the 90s o even the 60s. The centered look below is a fashion look inspiring from the 60s.

Photo Credit From More.com

You can find a lot of minimal and aesthetic jewelry from YFN at super affordable prices like the following.

Solitaire Necklace

One of the most classic and timeless jewelry styles must be the Bezel or Claw Setting Solitaire Necklace. Luckily you can find both at YFN Jewelry. A piece that you dress up or down with and can easily layer up!

Claw Setting Cubic Solitaire
Bezel Setting Solitaire

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