Unicorn Jewelry

Why Unicorn Jewelry Makes You More Attractive? First of all, let’s know the myth and symbols of the Unicorn.

The Myth of Unicorn

Unicorn is a mythical creature, commonly described as a long-legged white horse with a single spiral horn on its forehead.

There are many different descriptions of the physical appearance of unicorns.

Some people say it is a large and untamable horse with a single horn on its head. Others view it as a goat-like creature with a single horn. Moreover, people view it as a divine being that some cultures even worship.

By 380 BC, Greek philosopher Ctessias had established a more universal form of the unicorn. He said it was a wild animal from India. Because it has a white body, a purple head, and blue eyes. In addition, it has a straight, hard horn, white at the bottom, black in the middle, and red on top. This might have been formed from the deification of the one-horned rhinoceros.


Unicorn symbols of nobility, pride, and purity

In modern Western mythology, the unicorn is depicted as a white horse with a single spiral horn on its forehead. And This represents nobility, pride, and purity.

The unicorn is a symbol of fantasy, and it also stands for purity and great strength which leads us to break through limitations.

For this reason, in medieval Europe, it was believed that only people of noble character could come close to the unicorn.

Some Popular Unicorn Jewelry Recommend

Magic Unicorn Jewelry

Unicorn jewelry, adds some magic to life with smiles and fairy tales. Something unicorn-inspired can help us preserve and nurture that part, bringing back nostalgia from a long-lost childhood. Having dreams and imagination leads us to believe in a better world, even if we don’t see it yet.

The unicorn necklace made of colored zircon has a dreamy mood, and it seems to take you into a beautiful fairy tale world and become a beloved princess. This is a great gift for your princess that will keep her childlike and believe she is the best forever.

Unicorn Opal Earrings

These Unicorn Opal Earrings can capture light from all angles, sparkling with white, green, blue, and pink tones. As the light passes through them, you will be rewarded with plenty of opal sparkle for an added appeal.

Perfect Unicorn Jewelry Gift for Girls

Unicorns mean beauty and purity, and they bring us happiness. It is a very sweet gift for anyone who believes in fairy tales. The cute unicorn Earrings are the perfect gift for cute girls, princesses, and unicorn lovers. Unicorn stud earrings will express your love and bring happiness and peace to you and your loved ones. Unicorn stud earrings are a special gift for your children, girls, godchild, wife, daughters, girlfriends, lovers, or sisters, to show them your love. Especially on birthdays, Christmas, school enrollment, youth consecration, etc.

Perfect  Gift for Girls
Perfect Gift for Girls

Unicorns Extension

“Unicorns” are the name given to startups with a valuation of over one billion US dollars and less than ten years of establishment by US investors. In recent years, unicorn companies have become a rising force among startups in the digital economy, and have been widely followed.

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