Finally, after 2 years off from covid, we can celebrate PRIDE ‘properly’! Let’s dive into the ocean of rainbow flags and pride love! Find out all the answers you need to join the LGBT Party!

What are gay rights? How many states allow gay & lesbian marriage? LGBTQ Rights

Yes, pride has become a worldwide celebration today, but we shall never forget the history behind it.

Pride month celebration began at a gay bar on June 28, 1969, and it is held every June to honor the Stonewell Uprising. Homosexual relations were illegal in New York City back then until police raided the Stonewall Inn and the riot began. That protest continued for 6 days outside the bar and the uprising inspired the gay rights movement from New York to the rest of the world.

How many states allow gay & lesbian marriage?

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized same-sex marriage and this applies nationwide! Here are the exceptional states where same-sex marriage is not legalized in the US: ND; SD; NE; MO; KY; AR; TN; LA; MS; TX; MI; OH; GA

Pride stories: coming out was the best choice I ever made

Jay shared his pride story to give more confidence to the LGBT community.

I was always confused and scared to express my true self during my high school years and the first few years at work. There were always rumors and judgments, which made me hesitate more and even felt ashamed of who I am. This is probably the process every LGBT person has experienced, but I was lucky that I found a bunch of supportive LGBT friends.

Yes, I knew this wasn’t the way I want to live my life, but I was too afraid to come out. Until I started to attend all these LGBT events and found that I was never alone. I got deeply inspired by their cheerful energy and felt confident and comfortable in who I am.

A piece of advice, don’t be afraid to lose. Be prepared to lose some harmful ‘friends’ or unsupportive family members, but the best part is, you will meet a lot more exciting souls! Most importantly, you will find your freedom and just be yourself!

I created my own jewelry to mark my come-out day!

I will always remember the date I come out to all of my friends and family because that was the day I was ‘reborn’!

One of my besties Stacy recommended YFN Jewelry and I was so glad that I contact them! I created my own golden bar bracelet with the date 09.13.19 engraved on it and it was only $69.99 for a set, which I got another one for my partner at the time. I love this fine jewelry so much that I’ve been wearing it every day until I lost it at the beach and just came back to create this new piece again!

I highly recommend all LGBT friends to check out their ‘create your own’ collection and personalize a special piece to remind yourself how important you are!

Don’t miss out on their rainbow collections to show your pride!

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