A pair of sterling silver earrings is a great accessory to pair with your outfit. However, the gorgeous earrings smell bad on scorching summer days, especially for oily skin. Somebody said it smells like cheese. Oh Jesus! What should I do? Barry Bonds Earring

How to Deal with Smell Earrings?

Why Do My Earrings Smell Bad?

According to a microbiologist, an ear piercing is a wound in our body so it is normal to produce an unpleasant smell. Besides superfluous sebum is also the main culprit behind the smelling ears.

Though we can’t do something to change the truth that a piercing is a wound we can decrease the production of sebum, our natural skin oil.

How to Deal with Smell Earrings?
How to Deal with Smell Earrings?

Expert Tips to Avoid Smelling Earrings

  • Firstly, don’t let earrings work for a long time.

though earrings do not need a rest your ears have, especially in hot summer.

When it comes to metal plating earrings, they are easy to be rusted when exposed to sweat for a long time. So you had better prepare one or two more earrings as plan B. But if you have a pair of earrings made of precious metal, you won’t encounter this problem. YFN turtle opal earrings, unicorn opal earrings, and cute dinosaur earrings are the perfect choices since almost 90 percent of jewels of YFN are made of sterling silver. 

  • Secondly, clean your earrings carefully.

Soak your earrings in salty water for about 10 minutes, then take some cotton wool to scrub the water. The soaking time depends on the dirty degree of your earrings. The much dirty earrings the more soaking hours. Salty water helps to disinfect and sterilize your earrings.

  • Thirdly, clean your ears piercing.

As we mentioned above, a piercing belongs to a kind of wound so it probably comes with some complications. To avoid getting an infection, we should clean our ear piercings periodically.

  1. Wash your hands first.
  2. Prepare salty water or isopropyl alcohol solution, dip your swap in this solution.
  3. Swab your ear piercing with a swap thoroughly. 

Come to the middle of scorching summer days. More gorgeous earrings are waiting in queue and wonder when they could have a kind and charming owner.

How to Deal with Smell Earrings?

Girl Horse Earrings

Horses can run fast and they are strong enough. Once you win their trust, they will be loyal to you. The girl put her head against the horse’s which is the most warm-hearted gesture between horse and man. This piece features a warm-hearted image. Horse lovers would be touched most. So this pair of sterling silver girl horse earrings would be a perfect gift for horse lovers.

Sterling Silver Bee Earrings

Delicate bee earrings in a small size would be a perfect choice for short hair girls as more attention would be paid to your nice earrings.

Turtle Opal Earrings

It lets me connect to sunshine and sea beach. This piece features its wonderful color match as the whole tone of it is silver and the combination of light blue and pink is added to the back of the cute turtle. Sterling silver turtle opal earrings are the must-have accessory for summer vacation. 

Cute Dinosaur Earrings

This piece belongs to huggie hoop earrings which is the latest earrings trend to take over your social media. They are suitable to stack so that you can create different styles for your huggie earrings.

In Conclusion

we will make a quick look here.

The Reasons Why My Earrings Smell:

  • An ear piercing belongs to a wound that will breed anaerobic bacteria. And most unpleasant wound odors arise from the metabolic processes of anaerobic bacteria.
  • The accumulation of sebum, AKA, skin natural oil. The sebum itself doesn’t produce a bad smell, but the process of bacteria’s breakdown does.

How to Deal with Unpleasant Odor from Earrings and Piercing:

  1. Change your earrings often. Replace your metal plated earrings with precious metal earrings since the former gets rusted easily by a large amount of sweat.
  2. Clean your earrings once a week with a gentle cleaning solution.
  3. Scrub your ear piercing every day with a swab dipping in salty water.

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