Work basically occupies at least 50% of our time if you minus the regular 8 hours of sleep. Why not cheer ourselves up with a fresh look starting from a piece of jewelry. You can simply throw on some minimal and classy jewelry that goes well with every outfit or a piece that can bring out your personality that lights up any ordinary outfit. How about an anklet with initials that adds a bit of movement or gifting a personalized ring for your girlfriend.

I have selectively chosen 5 essential pieces of jewelry that suits different occasion and occupations. Let’s dive in and enjoy mixing and matching them!

Ring Holder Necklace- Best for Health Care and Hospitality Workers

The most practical work jewelry must be a ring holder. It is stylish on its own and functional which allows you to keep your engagement ring close to your heart during work.

No need to worry about losing your ring! This significantly helps to decrease the chances of losing an important ring. You can remove it and put it on in a few seconds. Especially during covid that we need to wash our hands so often. It also helps to relieve the frustration of having to remove all hand jewelry during work for healthcare and hospitality workers.

Create Your Own Name Ring – Personalized Ring for Girlfriend

If you are also working in the office, hand jewelry must be the most pleasurable jewelry to wear at work. This is the only jewelry collection that both of you and others can see. Start to Create Your Own Name Ring in either rose gold, yellow gold, or silver color. There are 10 fonts you can select to express your personality. It is easy to stack with and such a great ice breaker on any occasion when everyone else can see your name.

Here are some inspirational stories that you must hear about

@Daneil Benjamen

I choose to engrave Mama on her Name Ring when we have our first child. It was a tradition from my family to give gifts to new moms and I can’t think of anything else more meaningful than creating her first “mama” ring to celebrate this special moment. She told me after 3 months that this ring remind her to stay strong and how loved she is during all those “baby blues” moments as a new mom.

@Alicia Maro

Alicia customizes her Name Ring with the name ‘Steve’ her son. She said ‘I’m so proud of him and I want to show people that. Steve will always be my lovely son no matter where he is.’

Anklet with Initials – Tinkle in Your Every Footstep

The Anklet is one of the most trending jewelry for summer because it brings back the warm nostalgia of summer memories. Believe it or not, many cultures believe that wearing an anklet on the left foot can bring you charm.

This Name Anklet can be customized with your initials or full name in sterling silver. This can be a piece of everyday body jewelry that expresses a hint of personality whenever you show off your ankle. With the affordable price, you won’t feel harmed even if it gets lost on a beach. If it ever did happen, you might even meet your prince when looking for this ‘Cinderella Anklet’ with your name on it!

Hear what they think!

@Angela Miller

My Name Ankle Bracelet is so adorable! It even makes my toes look good without nail polish!

@Cynthia Brown

I’m a skateboard girl and I love to put on my #NameAnklet. They fit perfectly with my sneaker and jeans!

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