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“The sun reaches its northern solstice, the longest day and the shortest shadow of the sun, so it is called the summer solstice.” The summer solstice means that the daylight hours in various parts of the hemisphere reach the longest time of the year. The sun shines directly on the Tropic of Cancer, with sufficient sunshine and the temperature continues to rise. Crops Grow fast.

Summer solstice and midsummer is approaching. The dreamy summer comes with the golden sunshine and the wind. Sunflowers that grow toward the sun cover the fields. Their faint fragrance is the smell of sunshine and the romantic atmosphere of summer.

1. Sunflowers planted in the sun

Sunflowers are phototropic and revolve around the sun, so they are called “sunflowers”. The language of flowers is silent love, admiration, and secret love. In the ancient Inca Empire, the sunflower symbolized the sun god, so it also meant the sun.

Sunflowers in summer will never be absent. Even if the sky is covered with dark clouds, they still stand tall and tell us with their strength that the sun will always come again. No matter how many winds and rains they encounter, they dare to face it head-on and are tenacious. The beauty of sunflowers is intoxicating. They seem to have become the spokesperson of summer, telling the wonders of nature. They light up the season with their yellow brilliance, bringing happiness and warmth to everyone. In dreamy summer, sunflowers bring us endless imagination. They are like a golden ocean, allowing us to immerse ourselves in them and enjoy this beautiful season. Their existence rewrites the summer story and immerses everyone in endless happiness. “Xu Xiake’s Travels·Dian Travel Diary 5”: “There are two passionflowers in the courtyard. Their flowers are as big as a plate, with clusters of heartless petals. They are bright red and the yellow chrysanthemums take the beauty for them. They are seeds rather than roots. This is different. “In the chrysanthemums.” In early summer, golden light shines everywhere. The golden petals of the sunflower wrap the full flower plate, welcoming the rainbow summer with a smile that heals people’s hearts. It is warm and bright and full of life.

2. Sunflowers are not just sunflowers

The YFN sunflower series necklace is based on the sunflower that grows toward the sun, and at the same time gives it a deeper connotation. The shape of the tangential concentric circles means unyielding loyalty and love. It is also a reflection of the sunflower’s sunny nature as it revolves around the sun.

The wheel of time never stops, giving summer a brilliant start. At this moment, use the sunflower around your neck to unlock the romance of summer, freeze the beauty, and spend time together.

The gathering of time is a continuation of romance. During the flower viewing season in June, sunflowers have entered their blooming period. The lush greenery is surrounded by golden brilliance. A colorful romance that “invades” summer is a unique dreamland dedicated to sunflowers.

Qing Dynasty·Cai Tianfu: “At dawn, the charming figure is facing the east, and at dusk, it turns to the red sunset; the devotion only relieves the trend of inflammation, and it is in vain to nourish the rain and dew.”

Sunflower, a flower full of positive energy, symbolizes strong vitality and a positive attitude towards life. Passionate, bright, and sunshine are the most intuitive impressions of it.

In the hot summer, a touch of orange is enough to drive away the sultry atmosphere. The graceful color of the sunflower, combined with countless lush greens, allows the quiet flavor to spread quickly, showing the warmth and comfort of nature, releasing stress and fatigue, and warming everywhere. The resting soul.

3. Recommendation of YFN jewelry brand Sunflower series

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  • YFN–925 sterling silver daisy earrings
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Love summer, nature, and flowers? Then you will love this sunflower necklace! It is full of vitality and sunshine, making you exude a charming sunshine girl charm.

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