7 Celebrities Favourite Jewelry

All of us have drooled over the stunning designer jewelry donned by celebrities. However, the only thing that becomes a hindrance in following your favorite fashion icon is money. What if we told you that your favorite celebrity’s jewelry collection isn’t only limited to expensive designer items? Some of them are highly affordable, and you can rock them too! The Silver Earrings Teardrop favored by Amy Adams can be afforded as low as 29.99$ at YFN! Here’s everything the celebrities have been donning these days.

Cross Necklaces by Selena Gomez

If there’s anything that never goes out of style and looks spectacular every time, it’s a stunning cross necklace. They are versatile, everyday wear, and Selene Gomez-approved! Looking for something similar? Have a look at our Sterling Silver Cross Necklace and channel your inner diva!

Silver Earrings Teardrop by Amy Adams

The Silver Earrings Teardrop symbolizes the tear of joy. The unique symbolism of the shape quickly made it a hot item for everyone. Nothing can go wrong with a classic teardrop style; they are timeless and exquisite. Here’s Amy Adams donning a stunning pair of teardrop earrings. Take a look at our 925 Sterling Silver Earrings Teardrop & Turquoise to get an affordable alternative drop earring for yourself!

Amy Adams Silver Teardrop Dangle Earring YFN Jewelry
Teardrop Turqoise Earring YFN Jewelry
Teardrop Moonstone Earring YFN Jewelry

Initial Necklace by Meghan Markle

An initial necklace might be the perfect idea to honor a loved one who passed away or make your significant other feel special. They are distinctive, outstanding, and attractive. Here’s a picture of Meghan Markle wearing an alluring initial necklace. If you wish to get one for yourself, see our 925 Sterling Silver initial necklace. 

Pearl necklace by Elle Fanning

A pearl necklace can make anyone weak in the knees! The lustrous nature of the pearl beads creates a magnificent effect as light falls upon them. They are timeless, alluring, and everyone’s favorite. Elle Fanning wore an exquisite pearl necklace on a red carpet, and if you want something similar, our 925 Sterling Silver Pearl Chain Choker is the star! You’re going to look absolutely ravishing in it.

Leaf necklace by Jennifer Aniston

Minimalistic jewelry is always a favorite! A leaf necklace is a perfect companion for an everyday casual look. Take inspiration from the ever-green Jennifer Aniston, who’s donning a distinctive leaf necklace. Get a Sterling Silver Leaf Feather necklace for yourself, and look gorgeous. 

Heart-shaped hoops by Bella Hadid

When the epitome of fashion adorns an impressive pair of heart-shaped hoops, you got to have it in your jewelry collection. Bella Hadid made these a part of her airport look perfect.  If you want to amp up your style and persona, funk it with Sterling Silver Heart Love Earrings and enjoy the attention coming your way! 

Paperclip chain by Kendall Jenner

Looking for a chic vibe to add to your overall look? Take inspiration from the world’s most famous supermodel, Kendall Jenner, who dons a unique paperclip necklace with her outfit. Our Sterling Silver Paperclip Linking Chain is the perfect fit if you’re looking for something similar but slightly different! Don’t be shy, you’re going to rock it!

Circle hoops by Hailey Bieber

Circle hoops are timeless; they can be worn everywhere effortlessly, whether it’s a 10 am business meeting, a late-night airport look, or a red carpet. Jennifer Fischer is considered the pioneer of hoop earrings and has been around forever. Here’s Hailey Bieber donning those gold circle hoops perfectly. Our Sterling Silver Endless Circle earrings are ideal for replicating this look. 

Gone are the days when one had to save for months to buy an exquisite piece of jewelry worn by celebrities. It’s the era of affordability and everything can be easily attained, so why not a stunning collection of celebrity-inspired jewelry? Take inspiration from these talented and beautiful divas and amp up your collection. Order now!

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