If you are looking for a gift that your children will cherish and speaks for her/his personality, you must check out the Kids Jewelry Review below. The personalized rose gold necklace would be one of the most popular ideas for gifting to a young lady. Coincidently, today happens to be the Doodle For Google Day! Let’s explore the story behind it and more trending styles right now!

Personalized Rose Gold Necklace For Children

This Signature Custom Name Necklace is fancy for any age and it will even sweeter if you want to match your children with another piece. You will have the choice between 3 colors (Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow gold) and 9 different fonts. Rose gold is one of the most trending colors for young ladies with its warm and smooth tone. Yellow gold would be great if your children have other gold jewelry to match with just like Anna!

YFN Young Fashion Influencer: @priincess.anna

Square Family Photo Locket Necklace

When you are celebrating an occasion that will mark the start of something new in your children’s lives, make sure to get a unique square photo locket that marks this special moment! You can engrave personalized messages like your children’s name and birthday and that is what Noureen did on hers!

YFN Young Influencer Review: @nour_een20

Doodle For Google Day: Turning Your Children’s Drawing Into Necklace

Doodle 4 Google Winner’s Drawing: Not Alone

Doodle 4 Google is an annual competition held by Google in various countries, especially in the US, This event will have children in U.S schools from kindergarten to grade twelve to create a Google doodle and be submitted by their guardians or teachers. The winner’s doodle will be featured on the local Google homepage and receive a $30,000 scholarship and other amazing gifts from google! This year’s doodle’s theme was “I care for myself by…” and the winner is from Florida who created an artwork: Not Alone.

You did not miss out! Turn your children’s doodle into a beautiful coin necklace to show your appreciation of their artwork!

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  1. The most beautiful jewelry I have not seen so far so elegant designs like this I am very, very happy with my daughter’s necklace Thank you Gezira 😍😍😍 We always want designs like this creative

    1. Glad to hear that! We value your genuine feedback and it was a pleasure sharing your creative content!

  2. Thank you for writing this post. I like the subject too.

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