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The popularity of name necklaces began back in the 1980s and was mostly favored by the younger generations. It has been a trend for such a long time and back then personalized jewelry was considered a luxury item and an indication of wealth and status. Luckily it has become more affordable nowadays and engraving gifts have definitely stood the test of time. Let’s find out the hottest name necklace styles and ways to wear them all created by YFN Influencers! Their jewelry outfit looks will give you inspiration on how to mix and match your jewelry to the maximum. Here comes the style lookbook of the name necklace with heart, name necklace sterling silver, and personalized name necklace with two names.

Look 1: Layered Name Necklace With Heart

If you are tired of looking for ideas of mix and matching, our iconic Name Jewelry collection enables you to create the ultimate signature accessory or gift. Play with up to 3 colors and enter the receiver’s name to create a beautiful Double Layered Heart Name Necklace that’s all about you or someone special.

Fashion Inspo @Gio

Show off your beautiful V-neckline with a layering name necklace with heart! It will be perfect to pair with beach dresses and low-neck clothes like what Gio did.

Fashion Inspo @giorgiavinci
Layering Name Necklace @giorgiavinci

Look 2: Classic Name Necklace Sterling Silver

Presenting the hottest Name Necklace in Sterling Silver fancied by many of our customers and influencers! You can go with the trend by adding your name or the receiver’s name to the pendant. However, do not limit your creativity and imagination from the possibilities you can get out of this personalized gift item.

See how YFN’s influencers slay their looks with the name necklace!


Look 3: Personalized Name Necklace With Two Names

Double up the personalized message with the Personalized Name Necklace With Two Names and make it a romantic statement for valentines, anniversaries, or birthday gifts for that special someone.

Fashion Inspo @Souka

Souka designed this Infinity Heart Double Name Necklace in her name and her partner’s name. This necklace was gifted in the summer of 2022 and marks the romantic story of the two of them.


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  1. beautiful, I use it in every outfit 😍

    1. Glad to hear so! Don’t hesitate to share more of your looks! We will gladly update your inspirations to help spread the news!

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