When it comes to foxes what do you think of them? Maybe your mind has already conjured up these orange furry cuties, or you might think of the cunning fox in Aesop’s fables and the kind fox in the Little Prince,or even think of the mysterious fox totem necklaces in film and television productions.

Foxes have always been quite fascinating animals, both in real life and in the cultural realm. And there are many things you may have never known about them. Here are 3 fantastic trivia about foxes that you may not have known.

3 fantastic trivia about foxes

1.FOX, Canine, or feline?

  • Please look at this photo of a cute fox first.
  • slide down the screen to see the answer

Exactly, Although the fox looks so similar to your furry cat. However, it is a canine.

A simple way to distinguish feline canids is to watch their paws and tails. Canines cannot retract their claws, while felines can retract their feet freely. In addition, the tail of a canine is always covered with a lot of hair which is thick and short, while the tail of a feline is long and thin.

But the main way to distinguish them is from the genetic point of view. After all, how species converge and evolve doesn’t change the genes.

2.The call of a fox ?

If you are asked to imitate the wolf’s cry, you will not think twice to shout “OW!!!”.Well, if you were asked to imitate the call of a fox you might look puzzled and ask, “Does a fox have a call?”Foxes have a call, and they have a very special call. Now’s your chance to feel the fox’s call.

The call of a fox

Isn’t it surprising to hear foxes call? They call like babies. I have to admit, this is the moment I fell in love with foxes! Especially their cute calls!

3.Foxes can be gods too?

Of course. Now, let’s cast our eyes on two distant eastern countries, China and Japan.
In ancient China, the fox was an auspicious beast that signified good luck. With its nine tails, it was able to make the country prosperous and its descendants flourish.

The Japanese regard the fox as a messenger of the god Inari, a god in charge of agricultural harvests because in ancient times many Japanese villages would judge whether there would be a good harvest in the coming year by the bark or bite marks of the fox. So in Japan, we often see jewelry with fox elements, such as masks, necklaces, rings, etc.


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3 fox necklaces for you

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