How can I choose the correct ring size? Simple Ring Size Guide

The first requirement for purchasing a wedding ring, engagement ring, or an eternity band is knowing the correct ring size. Ideally, you want the ring to be suitable enough to stay on but loose enough to move over your knuckle with slight resistance. Mark this simple ring size guide in your favorite before you purchase any rings online!

Some people prefer the guessing game when ordering rings. But considering that the average engagement ring costs $5900, you should get an exact ring measurement instead.

But how to choose the correct ring size? We have listed the most feasible ring measurement technique below to help you properly size your finger. Find out how!

Steps to Measure Your Finger Using a String or Floss

Strings or floss is the best, most efficient way to size your finger at home properly. Here are the steps to follow in choosing the correct ring size using a piece of string:

  • Wrap a piece of string, thread, or floss around the base of your finger.
  • With a pen, indicate where the thread or string initially overlaps.
  • Lay the string or thread along a ruler or measuring tape and convert it into millimeters.
  • Now, compare your ring size measurements to the sizing charts on the website you are ordering from. There you have it – your perfect ring size!

Pro tip: Don’t pull your string or floss too tightly as they can stretch, increasing your actual ring size measurements by a few millimeters to allow some extra room for your finger to breathe!

What are the standard ring sizes?

Adult ring sizes in the US range from 3 to 13.5 on the whole and half numbers scale. These measurements correspond to the width of your finger in millimeters. Men’s rings are typically sized between 8 and 14, whereas women’s rings are typically between sizes 3 and 9.

Tips for measuring the correct ring size

1. Don’t forget you have a knuckle

If you have a wider knuckle, get a half size larger than your base finger measurement to ensure it slides on easily.

2. Take multiple measurements to ensure precision

You can mess up sizing your finger using thread or floss. So, repeating the process three to four times is better to ensure the correct ring size.

FAQ For Ring Sizing at YFN

What If I Order The Wrong Ring Size?

You will have the option to reorder one with a complimentary discount or resize the ring depending on the metal and design. If your ring is a custom style, the design and craftsmanship are more complicated, and the adjustment for sizing is difficult. We will send you a reasonable quotation in advance accordingly.

YFN stands strongly behind our products, any manufacturing defects will be borne by YFN at no charge. All suspected defective products will be going under our factory’s inspection then we will repair the merchandise or replace the item for you.

What Happens When My Ring Is Resized?

To ensure every customer will receive the best possible fit, you might find your ring results slightly thinner or thicker after resizing. These are subtle changes in the resizing process by adding and removing small amounts of metal.

The expert jewelry makers at YFN Jewelry will stick to the strict quality standards of your ring resizing. Your rings will be cleaned and polished before being returned to your hand.

Feel free to contact our online customer service via the chat box on site or email us at with your genuine feedback to help us serve you better!

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