Jewelry has a history longer than we thought, It began when man first walked on Earth. Sure they are not the same back then, the ancient people wore jewelry made of feathers, bones, shells, and colored pebbles, diamond had not become popular until the time came to 1300 when people learned how to cut them to show their magnificance. They literally walk with humanbeings throughout our history and most of us believe that the only thing matters about them are their fine appearance, but that is not true, what matters most is their emotional meanings to us and what they speak for us, they express those feelings that are inexpressible deep down in our heart or hold on to those fine hours in our life for us, they serve more than just as decoration.


The memories of the past are drifting away from us under the erosion of time, but with the help of YFN custom memory necklace you can hold on to that memory forever, and that is what YFN jewelry is offering.


Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to help us mark a certain period in our life, good or bad, a date or a name, we engraved them in our memory, and they boost us forward. Wearing a custom necklace with your loved one’s name sometimes help you go through difficut times as it indeed transfers power to you. If you are experiencing something hard, you might as well have a try. More custom name necklace in different colors are available, such as rose gold custom name necklace.

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