As summertime is here, let’s refresh our soul as well as our home to enjoy the summer vibes thoroughly! Check out these affordable goodies to enhance your living to the next level. Let’s explore the best houseplants and a unique pearl and paper clip choker to refresh from in to out.

#1 Switch Up the Curtain!

This is probably one of those corners we don’t usually pay attention to, but hey! Imagine your house or your living room as an image, curtains will be the frame of your photo. Let the sun shine through and brighten up your living space.

Sheer Voile Curtain Starting at $5 in Walmart

#2 Refresh Your Jewelry Collection and Reorganize Your Jewelry Box!

Pearl & Paperclip Chain Choker

The synthesis of classic and modern fashion.

Half side glows with the delicate and silky look from the pearl, and the other half radiates with style and personality. You can dress down or up with this exquisite jewelry. Either with your favorite summer short top with silky straight pants or wear it with your luxury dinner dress to attend a dinner date.

You can pair it up with a similar stylish pearl bracelet to enhance the harmony of your whole look. This is the ‘never go wrong’ dressing secret, which is wearing your jewelry and outfit in a set instead of struggling with layering or finding the perfect match. Find out about the bracelet and other styling possibilities from our newest article below!

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#3 Fresh up your Signature Scent and Enhance Your Mental Health

It is scientifically proven that plants are mood-boosters. They can improve the mental outlook by providing ‘gezellig’ (a Dutch word meaning a feeling of coziness, comfort, and relaxation). Cheer up your home with a fresh scent and vital plant from below!

The Best Houseplants You Need! Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

This plant enjoys a wide range of environment and can survive well in different light conditions and are highly drought-tolerant. I had a few at my house and barely water them, but they grow vitally in every corner. One good tip is that they like bright and indirect light and you can grow them well in rich soil or even in vases of water. However, do consider that they might be toxic to childer or your home pets and they are not friendly to sensitive skin, which might cause you to break out in a rash. Nothing deadly, but these groups of people will have higher chances of getting sick from living with Pothos.

Get a Preserved Eucalyptus Branches to Dress Up your Home!

Essentials for your summer shopping list! Fresh Kiwi Green Color that will bring natural smells to your home. The season for Fragrance of Eucalyptus: Most Fragrant August-Sept, Oct – Feb is the least fragrant, Mar – July is Middle Fragrant. You can easily purchase a branch starting at $16.99 from Amazon.

The benefits of surrounding yourself with plant life or other forms of natural beauty:

  1. Stress Reduction
  2. Reduce symptoms of depression
  3. Stronger memory retention
  4. Improved symptoms of attention-deficient disorders(ADD/ADHD)
  5. Higher levels of creativity

Don’t be shy to share your tips in the comments!

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