pumpkin earrings

As Halloween creeps in, boys and girls are going to dress up and play tricks. But wait, don’t forget to bring your pumpkin lanterns which help you scare evil spirits away. Other pumpkin accessories also work such as pumpkin handbags or pumpkin lantern-shaped earrings in sterling silver.

The tradition of carving pumpkins dates to the legend of Stingy Jack.


Jack-o’-lantern has a long history originated from an Irish myth. There was a farmer whose nickname is Stingy Jack. He played tricks on the evil twice that left him wandering the earth for all time, never allowed to either heaven or hell. The demon sent him off into the dark night with only a burning coal to illuminate his way. Jack carved a turnip so that he can put the coal into the inside of the turnip. Since then these carved vegetables within a candle or coal are called jack-o’-lanterns.

Silver Pumpkin Earrings – Jack-O’-Lantern

Many people emigrated to America in the 1800s from England and Ireland to reside there. They brought their Halloween customs with them, however, they made their Halloween lanterns out of pumpkins rather than turnips. In the autumn, there are a lot of pumpkins in America. Compared to hard old turnips, they are supple and much simpler to slice.

Traditional Customs on Halloween Nights

Halloween is a festival to honor all ‘hallowed’, or holy, people. People celebrate this holiday by diversifying activities such as kids’ treat or trick, dressing in costumes and carving pumpkin lanterns.

Kids Treat or Trick

The idea of house visits has long been a significant component of Halloween traditions. It dates back to the pagans, who readied their homes for visitation from the dead on Samhain. Although some of the deceased were people they loved and were therefore not malicious, they thought that some of the dead were dangerous. Homeowners would put out sweets to appease the antagonistic guests and gifts to thank the charitable ones.

Teenagers have been pestering their neighbors with this idea going back to the 18th century. Because the teenagers would damage property and cause disturbances, America changed the naughty night into the milder, kid-friendly celebration it is now in the 1950s.

Dress in Costume

Homeowners wore costumes or masks to resemble the dead in case they encountered ghosts on Halloween night. With the ever-changing fashions, there are thousands of creative costumes for Halloween with creepy masks or Halloween-themed jewels such as lovely pumpkin earrings.

Fall Pumpkin Stud Earrings

pumpkin earrings

The most adorable color in autumn must be the orangie pumpkin color which brings us a feeling of warmth. The carved pumpkin lantern-shaped earrings can also match your daily look. Crafted of sterling silver, YFN fall pumpkin stud earrings are friendly to allergic ears.

Cool Pumpkin Pendant

pumpkin pendant

A creepy picture is depicted vividly by this piece of jewelry. The little cat wears a big hat without eyes riding on a large pumpkin with a horrible smile. This cool pumpkin pendant would be the best option for Halloween costume.

More pumpkin necklaces jewelry are available as follows:

Silver Pumpkin Necklace with Smiling Cat

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