The traditions behind anklets that you don’t want to miss

Anklets are simple yet beautiful pieces of jewelry. It was first used towards the end of the 7th century B.C. It used to be worn by the Egyptians around their feet as a show of status. In many ancient cultures, the groom gifts his bride an anklet to confirm their marriage. Create your own custom anklet or get a dragonfly anklet at YFN Jewelry. More sterling silver custom name anklets are available at YFN.

Discover the Trending Anklets of 2022 and ‘Shake it On’

Fashion has evolved with the times, and silver anklets are now widely worn by men and women. It draws attention to the feet and they go perfectly with every type of outfit whether corporate or casual. They are available in different designs.

custom anklet

Shop some of the latest additions to our anklet collection at YFN:

10K 14K gold-created Moissanite Heart Anklet

This anklet is available in 10K Yellow Gold, 10K Rose Gold, 10K White Gold, and 14K Yellow Gold. They all have moissanite stones, which give the jewelry a brilliant look. Moissanite is one of the strongest gemstones, so it is used to signify unbreakable love. These silver anklets for women will show how much you want your relationship to remain unbroken.

Despite featuring three hearts, each measuring 9mm*7mm, the anklet only weighs 2.1g. This makes it easy to wear. It is suitable for beach parties and other events.

custom anklet
custom anklet

Create Your Own Custom Anklet at YFN

Sterling Silver Created Opal Anklets Foot Ankle Bracelets

Opal has been said to stimulate originality and creativity in the wearer. The anklets are made up of a 10.4-inch sterling silver chain anklet and each has a rectangular opal stone that measures 0.19*0.93 in.

They can be gifted to a very good friend, as opal is a sign of loyalty and faithfulness. Opal anklets fit in easily at the beach, yoga classes, parties, and other events.

Create Your Own: Double Layers Name Anklet Bracelet

The style is timeless and has been one of the most popular designs of anklets. At YFN, you can maximize your personality and create your own jewelry. For this particular piece, you may select from 2 colors of gold and input any text you prefer.

Express your personality with animal-themed jewelry! How about a dragonfly anklet?

925 Sterling Silver Dragonfly Anklet Bracelet

The dragonfly is used to show the strong bond that exists between parents and children. It is usually used as a gift between mothers and daughters to show how powerful the mother’s love is.

The dragonfly measures 16.5mm and the chain is a 9-inch cable chain with a 2-inch extension. It is a great piece of jewelry and shows off your legs beautifully.

dragonfly anklet

Sterling Silver Red Cardinal Anklet Memorial Jewelry Gifts

Anklets are for more than just fashion. The cardinal is used to show spiritual messages to those that we have lost. Therefore, this anklet is the perfect gift for someone that has just lost someone close to their heart. With the cardinal, a person can always feel close to their loved one.

Wearing the anklet will feel like more than just jewelry. It will fit, like carrying a piece of a loved one around with you at all times.

Sterling Silver Flamingo Anklet Bracelet Animal Jewelry

The flamingo anklet is made out of 100% 925 sterling silver. This guarantees the quality of the anklet. Flamingoes are generally used to represent sweet, kind, friendly, and loving souls, and this is the characteristic that every woman wants to be associated with.

Weighing just 2.35g, the silver anklet can be worn high or low on the feet. The pink flamingo will stand out from the silver chain to beautify your feet.

YFN anklets are not to be worn during the summer alone. These beauties are an important part of your look. They complement whatever look you are going for, whether it is with your flip-flops, heels, or pumps. The anklets are made out of quality materials and are handcrafted to last.

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