Summer is meant for using vacation days, a great way to relax and recharge. For many families, going to the beach to bask in the refreshing ocean breeze and soak up the sun on sandy shores is a top choice. Not only is it a great way to beat the heat, but it’s also a budget-conscious option that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for affordable beach destinations in the US, here are three options, along with awesome summer vacation outfits worth considering.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you’re yearning for a Caribbean getaway, San Juan, the capital of the US territory of Puerto Rico, is the ideal destination. With its stunning beaches and accessibility for US citizens, Puerto Rico offers a perfect blend of tropical paradise and convenience. In particular, San Juan, the vibrant city, is a treasure trove of rich culture, historical landmarks, and a diverse culinary scene, making it an excellent choice for a beach vacation packed with endless activities and memorable experiences.

Because this beach is beloved by the LGBTQIA+ community, we recommend rainbow-themed jewelry for visitors.

Summer vacation outfits

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Renowned for its sugar-white-sand beaches, Gulf Shores, Alabama, is one of America’s greatest under-the-radar beach towns. Yes, you can enjoy the beautiful beach. But there’s more than just a pretty beach. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach provide a ton of adventure activities such as leisure time with animals at Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, diving, and dolphin cruises.

But be mindful not to disturb the turtle nests. Thousands of female turtles lay eggs along the Gulf Coast during the hatching season, which spans from May to October. To ensure their protection, visitors are kindly requested not to leave any trash on the beach. When it comes to jewelry recommendations for visitors to the Gulf Shores Tour, items featuring animal themes, particularly turtle jewelry, are highly recommended.

Summer vacation outfits

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is “one of The World’s 100 Most Beautiful Places” named by National Geographic Magazine. Cannon Beach is famous for Haystack Rock (a gorgeous volcanic rock that towers out of the sea and makes the shoreline wonderfully dramatic.) Everyone who visits Cannon Beach would marvel at its fantastic view. Moreover, there are also dramatic views including Ecola State Park with its unforgettable vistas, Short Sand Beach at Oswald West State Park, Neahkahnie Point, and Manzanita, Oregon Coastline.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself and your loved one, strolling not far away from the picturesque Haystack Rock, feeling the refreshing touch of the cool water on your feet, and sinking into the soft, sugar-white sand beaches. As the twilight casts its enchanting hues upon the surroundings, you two gracefully dance together, how blissful it would be. Wearing a piece evening dress along with our local designer’s Dangling Pearl Threader Earrings would enhance your allure even further.

Summer vacation outfits

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