Though chain extenders seem to be the items for jewelry makers’ workshops, they are also a must-have in most jewelry lovers’ homes. A Chain extender can solve the embarrassment of buying a necklace or bracelet with the wrong chain length, especially for your expensive 14K gold bracelet or necklace. 14K gold bracelet extender matches your 14K gold jewels.

Two Types of Chain Extenders

how to use a chain extender
14K gold bracelet extender

1-3.25 inches will be added once you use chain extenders. So they could not only make your necklaces or bracelets with the wrong length turn suitable but also change a collar into a choker. It means that you get two styles of necklaces by one paying. Though there is a wide range of chain extenders sold on the market, the mainstream chain extenders could be thoroughly divided into two types, plain chain extenders, and fancy chain extenders.

Plain Chain Extenders

As its name implies that plain chain extenders refer to basic chain segments with open links. Without the decoration of beads or drops, they suit minimalist necklaces or bracelets with plain chains. They are also a good choice for people who don’t want to destroy the original style.

However, this type is not as common as fancy chain extenders.

Fancy Necklace Chain Extenders

Compared to plain chain extenders, fancy chain extenders are much more gorgeous as they are decorated with lovely beads or dangling. These fancy chain extenders are mostly composed of plain chains, lobster clasps, or spring rings that you can easily hook.

If you don’t want to destroy your jewels style, you can choose to take the decoration down.

How to Use a Chain Extender?

The end links of a chain extender differ from one another. As for plain chain extenders, both ends of them are the same open links. But for a fancy chain extender, if one side is an open link such as a lobster clasp, or open jump ring, or spring ring, and the other side is probably beads or any charms.

But the subtle difference doesn’t affect use. So we will make a brief introduction about how to use a chain extender by taking a fancy chain extender as an example.


Attach an extender chain to your bracelet or necklace by using an open jump ring. Remember, when using an open jump ring always twist side to side, and never open the ends away from one another. You will always want to use a lobster clasp that fits through the chain so that you can connect it to any link you like.


Attach a link to a chain with a small open jump ring and attach the extender chain to that link in the same way.


Place an extender on a satin necklace by simply attaching the chain to the loop end of the necklace clasp. Again we used a jump ring.

YFN Chain Extender

14K gold bracelet extender

14K Gold Bracelet Chain Extender with Lobster Clasps

14k gold chain extender

14K Yellow Gold Chain Extender with a Dangling

how to use a chain extender

Sterling Silver Chain Extender with A Spring Ring

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