18K Gold Cross Necklace

About K Gold

K gold is an alloy formed by fusing gold with other metals. The gold content can be divided into 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 14K, 9K gold, etc. The measurement method of K gold is pure gold 24k=100%, and 1k is approximately equal to 4.166%.

Because people add small amounts of silver, copper, zinc, and other metals to gold, the strength and toughness of gold are changed. Therefore, K gold has better strength and flexibility than gold and is more suitable for inlaying various gemstones. Moreover, K gold has a lower melting point, making it easy to shape and produce more styles.

K gold can be blended into various colors according to the ratio and composition of gold to other metals; the most common ones are yellow, white, and red. What we usually call rose gold comprises pure gold + copper + silver/zinc.

K gold jewelry is designed with more rigid materials, longer wearing time, and more styles. Therefore, regardless of age or skin color, anyone can wear K gold jewelry. Compared with gold, young people prefer K gold jewelry, and K gold jewelry has also become a trend among young people.

Types Of K Gold Necklaces

Many types of K gold jewelry are suitable for inlaying gemstones and can be used as necklaces or worn alone. So, what are the styles of K gold necklaces? We together look!

Cross-chain, also called Wanzi chain and Cartier chain, is one of the most common and versatile necklace types. The buckle is an angular oval, close to a rounded rectangle. The visual effect of the interlocking chain is like a cross, so it is called a cross-chain.

The Pearl strand is a chain type that is connected in series. This type of chain is lovely to wear and solid and elegant. It is also a fashionable and versatile style.

Cuban chain, a prevalent necklace-type in recent years, is also one of the representatives of its style. It’s like twisting a thick ring, forming a chain individually, and smoothing the convex surface.

Snake bone chain, the appearance of snake bone chain, is what it means literally. The shape of this necklace is as winding and flexible as a snake’s bones, as smooth as its scales, and sparkles under the light.

The bead chain is small, rectangular, rounded, graceful, smooth, and straightforward, the choice of many fashion jewelry. It is also highly suitable for matching with exaggerated pendants. The firmness is also good and can be worn alone or stacked.

In addition, there are long cross chains, tank chains, box chains, diamond chains, etc.

About The Cross

As a straightforward pattern, the cross has been used by many civilizations as early as the primitive period. Its origin is unknown. One theory is that it comes from the light of the sun. Coincidentally, as representatives of the two major civilizations of the East and the West, the Chinese character ten and the Roman numeral X are in the form of a cross.

The cross in European culture mainly originated from the spread of Christianity. In ancient Rome, ancient Persia, and other places, the cross was a torture instrument used to execute prisoners: for example, the Latin cross was used to execute Jesus, the St. Anthony’s Cross was used to execute St. Anthony, the St. Andrew’s Cross was used to execute St. Andrew and the Catholic Cross was used to execute St. Andrew. The Bishop’s Cross and the Orthodox Cross are all variations of the Latin Cross.

European culture is run by religion, so we will find that crosses are used not only in religious sites and by believers but also in the flags, national emblems, and family coats of arms of many countries.

18K Gold Cross Pendant Necklace

Fast and Furious movie photos

The 18K gold cross pendant necklace is a very fashionable and elegant jewelry style. It is an accessory and a symbol of faith and hope. When purchasing, choose regular brands and merchants to ensure quality and safety.

“Fast and Furious 7” created a box office myth, with luxury cars, tough guys, beauties, and shocking scenes. Among them, Dominic, the boss of the speeding gang, always wears a cross necklace, an American-style long chain sterling silver texture necklace, simple and Eye-catching, perfect for a tough guy look.

Some Popular 18K Gold Cross Pendant Necklace Recommendations

18K Gold Cross Necklace With 18-Inch Gold Chain

18K gold cross necklace with 18-inch gold chain is a very fashionable and elegant way of matching, showing the wearer’s temperament and taste.

SHOP 18K Gold Cross Necklace With 18-Inch Gold Chain

18K Gold Women’s Cross Necklace With Colorful Rings

The 18K gold-colored ring cross necklace is a unique jewelry combination that combines the classic elements of the ring and cross necklace, showing a sense of fashion and unique charm.

SHOP 18K Gold Women’s Cross Necklace With Colorful Rings

18K Gold Plated Virgin Mary Cross Necklace With Oval Medal

It is often thought to represent faith and honor. The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus Christ and one of the representative figures of Catholicism… The 18K gold-plated Virgin Mary cross necklace with oval medallion is a beautiful and special jewelry combination.

SHOP 18K Gold Plated Virgin Mary Cross Necklace With Oval Medal

10K/18K Gold Heart Ruby Cross Necklace

The 18K gold heart-shaped ruby cross necklace is a very romantic, elegant, and faith-filled piece of jewelry, which is very suitable as a gift or for personal use.

SHOP 10K/18K Gold Heart Ruby Cross Necklace

10K/14K/18K Gold Heart-Shaped Cross Pendant Necklace

The 18K gold heart-shaped cross pendant necklace represents love, faith, and hope.

SHOP 10K/14K/18K Gold Heart-Shaped Cross Pendant Necklace

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