9K Solid Yellow Gold Rose Flower Pendant Necklace

The season is fleeting, and in a flash, autumn is here again. I believe most people are preparing for autumn clothes. Take out the clothes from previous years and take a look. You will basically have all the clothing items that everyone should have. So, if you want to play new tricks on flyers in autumn and winter, is there any way to break through? You might as well start with accessories. The same clothes and different accessories can make you highlight different temperaments. In this article, I will recommend a few different accessories that are necessary for early autumn. These few accessories are enough to have fun in early autumn.

1 Round Sterling Silver Accessory Necklace

Autumn clothing is basically in darker colors such as brown, camel, black, gray, and navy. Without accessories, it will easily look boring and it will be difficult to show your personal taste. A round sterling silver necklace can be used on the one hand. There is a bright spot in your outfit, which can brighten your complexion and relieve dullness, but it is relatively low-key. Its slight luster can be used as an embellishment. If you don’t know what to wear when you go out, you can never go wrong with a round sterling silver necklace.

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2. Y chain necklace

I believe you have bought all kinds of necklaces, but the most practical one has to be the Y-shaped necklace. The weather is getting colder, and the necklines of clothes will be getting higher and higher, which will inevitably look crowded, y Necklaces can effectively lengthen the neckline and make our necks look more graceful. Even if you have already worn one on your neck, the effect of superimposing it is unexpected. It is also very cool when worn with a shirt, and it is also unique when worn alone.

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3. K gold necklace

Pairing earth-toned clothing with a necklace of the same color suddenly adds a sense of nobility and delicate luster. Paired with this exquisite pendant, the pendant is inlaid with a rose. It is a must-have for sophisticated hands. The necklace, with its glowing crystals inside the rose, is very eye-catching.

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Judging from the above introduction, good jewelry can indeed bring certain extra points to our outfits, but we should also pay attention to matching jewelry. When choosing jewelry, try to keep the same material combination and maintain the same color tone. Consistent. When wearing jewelry, try to match the season. In autumn and winter, gold and cold colors are mainly used. In terms of accessories selection, it can be matched with the corresponding occasion. For example, women in the workplace can be more low-key in the matching, while at banquets, they can be more flamboyant.

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