Butterfly and Pearl Necklace

Butterfly Meaning and Symbolism

Butterfly has a variety of meanings and symbolism in different cultures. Most commonly, it symbolizes personal growth and transformation. The magical transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly is always breathtaking and inspiring which makes the butterfly a super popular design in fashion, architecture, and jewelry.

Many of us gain enlightenment from the life cycle of the butterfly just like the Native American Cultures. The butterfly is a symbol of resurrection, colors, change, and joy in the Native American Tribes.

Dainty Butterfly and Daisy Lariat Necklace

Wearing this Dainty Butterfly and Daisy Lariat Necklace is like carrying life and spring. This elegant butterfly necklace is crafted in 925 Sterling Silver with a dangling butterfly hanging under the daisy. Aya created a casual and effortless look to emphasize hope and dreams for a teenager like her. This would be a great gift for any young souls! More 14k gold butterfly pendants are available.

14k gold butterfly pendant

Lucky Butterfly Pearl Dangling Necklace

A Sweet Butterfly and Dangling Fresh Water Pearl Necklace is a great choice to create a light and delicate look. It brings happiness in an understated way to your every passing day. Features a total of 10 CZ Stones on the butterfly wings to add sparkles to your look. Pair this timeless butterfly pendant with a warm-tone dress to achieve a stunning look.

14k gold butterfly pendant
14k gold butterfly pendant

Personalized Butterfly Photo Locket Necklace

If you are looking for a practical and meaningful gift, you must check out this Personalized Butterfly Photo Locket Necklace. The elegant patterns on the locket are hand crafted into fine details to portraits a vintage style. You may upload up to 2 photos as personalization. If you are a crazy fan for gold jewels, there are several 14k, 18k gold butterfly pendants available.

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