14K Gold Dangle Drop Created Emerald Earrings

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Every November and December are the months when consumers worldwide go on shopping sprees. Sellers also eagerly anticipate achieving outstanding performance during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” are combined as “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday.” Originally, “Black Friday” was a special event in the United States held after Thanksgiving. On this day, foreign stores conduct large-scale promotions. It’s called “Black Friday” because it’s traditionally marked in red ink for losses and black ink for profits, and this terminology has gradually spread worldwide.

“Cyber Monday” typically refers to the first Monday after Thanksgiving. People who have just celebrated Thanksgiving return to work and buy goods online to show appreciation to friends and family for the holiday. Many businesses offer significant discounts on this day to attract customers.

Last year, American consumers alone spent a whopping $91.2 billion during “Black Friday,” and Cyber Monday saw sales of $113 billion. This year, according to authoritative predictions, American consumers are expected to spend as much as $98 billion during Black Friday, marking a 7.46% increase from last year. In comparison, Cyber Monday is estimated to generate $137 billion in revenue, a $24 billion increase from the previous year.

Like in the physical world, the listings on e-commerce platforms serve as the “storefront” to catch customers’ eyes. With the peak season promotions approaching, the product listings of YFN Jewelry Company provide an exclusive sneak peek!

YFN Jewelry Black Friday Cyber Monday Flash Sale Tips

YFN Jewelry Flash Sale

  • During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events (11.17-27), enjoy up to 80% OFF on select products (limited quantities available).
  • From November 2nd to November 30th, new users who sign up can GET 18% OFF on their First Order.
  • From November 2nd to November 30th, when you shop the products of JEWELRY BOX ESSENTIALS, Buy 2 and Get 20% OFF.
  • From November 2nd to November 30th, shop our products of creative photography themes and get $15 OFF on orders of $85 or more and $35 OFF on orders of $159 or more.
  • These deals offer great discounts and opportunities for customers to save on their purchases during this particular shopping season.

Popular YFN Jewelry Recommended

  • Dragonfly Pendant Necklaces in 14k Gold

Jewelry made from a dragonfly-shaped pendant crafted from 14K gold, typically suspended from a necklace. The term “14K gold” refers to the gold’s purity, which is 58.3%, making it a popular choice for creating durable and aesthetically pleasing jewelry. Dragonfly pendants are often chosen for their symbolic significance and visual appeal.

SHOP 14k Gold Dragonfly Pendant Necklace
  • 14K Gold Mother and Child Tree of Life Necklace

“14K Gold Mother and Child Tree of Life Necklace” is an exquisite necklace specially designed for women. Often it includes a tree-shaped pendant, with branches representing family ties, and often a statue of a mother and child, symbolizing the strong bonds between generations.

SHOP 14K Gold Mother and Child Tree of Life Necklace
  • Star Screw Back Earrings in 18K Gold

Made from 18-karat gold, these earrings feature a star-shaped design and feature a screw-back clasp, adding unique charm and elegance to the wearer. Such earrings can be a precious gift for special occasions or celebrations.

SHOP Star Screw Back Earrings in 18K Gold
  • 14K Gold Dangle Drop Created Emerald Earrings May Birthstone Jewelry

14K gold pendant emerald earrings are a May birthstone jewelry. This type of jewelry usually includes earrings whose pendant part is made of 14-karat gold. Pendants are often set with emerald gemstones, which are the birthstones of May and have a unique emerald green color.

SHOP 14K Gold Dangle Drop Created Emerald Earrings

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