All of us have lost our loved ones at some point. It could be a best friend, parent, or pet. We would love to cherish their memory in some way and keep them alive. YFN jewelry makes it possible with their personalized urn necklace. Made from the cremated ashes of your loved ones, YFN creates jewelry that immortalizes your love for your dearly departed ones.

Is it creepy to wear jewelry made of your loved ones’ ashes?

My best friend lost her companion of 13 years, her golden Retriever Sasha. That dog go lived quite beyond his age and was a cute ball of sunshine. His death brought grief all around. And so, I suggested the great idea of making his ashes into jewelry from YFN. And she agrees immediately.

This is one of the pieces she created, a lovely ash necklace made of sterling silver. This necklace is a Tree of Life Urn Necklace that comes in a delicate jewelry box. Another great piece of jewelry was a cute sunflower necklace made by my grandmom.

With the passing of my grandfather, her partner of almost 50 years, she wanted to immortalize him. YFN offered a perfect way to do it! This lovely bullet urn necklace in a sunflower pattern was perfect. Made of my grandfather’s ashes, it now never leaves her side!

Losing a loved one is a tough experience, and we hope to make that easier for loved ones. Wearing such custom jewelry made of their cremated remains is a celebration of their life. It is not at all weird. It is a beautiful way to preserve their memory.

Where can you get personalized urn necklaces made from?

YFN Jewelers is a great place for all your personalized urn necklace needs. It caters to women and men of all ages and has been a pioneer for more than two decades. All you need to do next is give your own custom design or choose one from theirs that can represent your beloved one. After receiving it, you will be able to fill in the locket with ashes.

These lovely Tree of Life urn necklaces and bullet urn necklaces are like sunshine in the lives of many. You can easily buy them online and at very reasonable prices. After all, no price is too high to pay to preserve your loved one’s memory forever.

Be it a beloved pet’s cremated ashes or your favorite uncle’s remains, we at YFN jewelers can convert them into the most exquisite pieces of jewelry. You can pick from our wide catalog of designs or even create your own.

Traditions related to personalized urn necklaces & bracelets for ashes

Symbolize mourning: In the 16th century, urn necklaces and other pieces of mourning jewelry we called memento mori, which translated to remember death. This signified the passing of a loved one and the necklaces made from their remains.

Georgian era: Starting from the 17th century, the society in the Georgian era moved towards preserving the memories of loved ones in pieces of jewelry. They had handcrafted compartments storing the deceased remains in them. You could store remains like locks of hair or a pinch of soil from their grave in them.

Native American mourning: The Native Americans being very spiritual people, believed in honoring their dead long after their passing. The memories were a part of their everyday jewelry as a token of memory of their loved ones. Viking urn necklaces would be the best choices for them.

urn bracelet for ashes
dog paw print cremation urn


Jewelry is something that we all love to wear. And meaning pieces created out of love, even more so. YFN jewelers are in the business of love and jewelry. They help create meaningful necklaces, bracelets and rings out of the remains of loved ones. This way, their memory stays beautiful while being a constant part of their customers’ lives. So if you want to immortalize your loved ones, order an personalized urn necklace from them today!

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