cute sterling silver earrings

Why are my cute sterling silver earrings turning green or black? Did I buy a piece of fake jewel? There is not a definite answer since sterling silver jewelry will turn strange colors as well.

First of all, we need to know why silver turns black or green. In the daily wear, the following are common reasons that can cause silver jewelry to turn black.

cute sterling silver earrings
cute sterling silver earrings

Hydrogen Sulfide in The Air

  • The silver piece exposed in the air is easy to be oxidized, then turns to brown or gray-black. Because if you live in an environment with poor air quality, there exist some acidic gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Silver will react with the combination of sulfur elements in the air to produce silver sulfide.
earrings turn black


  • The human body sweat contains sulfur. But everyone’s body condition is different, each person wearing silver jewelry will have different results. Some people’s sweat contain acid, so sulfur content is relatively high, which will lead to silver jewelry surface blackening. Weak acidic body does not suit to wear silver jewelry.
  • If you often contact items containing acid and sulfur, the higher possible your jewelry such as sterling silver bracelets or rings turn black.
  • Check out if you have the following bad habits or not.
  1. Smoke all year round.
  2. Super fans for perfume.
  3. Heavy make-up always.
  4. Often use sulfur soap.
  5. Like to soak in hot springs.

All these habits will make your sterling silver turn strange colors.

Sterling Silver or Solid Gold

  • Sterling silver jewels can’t be worn along with 14k gold turtle bracelet which will lead to silver tarnished.

The Propety of Sterling Silver Jewelry

  • Due to the property of silver, there is not a piece of 100% silver jewel on the market. The sterling silver jewelry sold on the market contains 7.5% copper or other metals. And if these metals produce a chemical reaction with the air, your jewels will turn black also.

In conclusion

If your cute sterling silver earrings turn strange colors, please check yourself out according the above bad habits. Then to doubt its genuine or false. If you want to learn more about jewelry maintenance, please pay attention to our latest blogs.

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