With the cheerful and dazzling hot season upon us, our team has organized some of our YFN influencers’ favorite jewelry selections with their creative look, and the fascinating stories behind them. It could be jewelry like customize choker with name, customize nickname bracelet, and charm name necklace. Discover YFN Ambassadors’ TOP TWO Jewelry Picks for Summer.

#1 Signature Custom Name Necklace Under $40 | Charm Name Necklace

Nouha’s Love Story – Passion Will Never Fade

Nouha is an inspirational fashion influencer from Morocco. She is passionate about fashion, style, beauty, and cooking just like many of us. There is an interesting Love Story behind the personalized necklace she created at YFN.

This is one of her favorite quotes:

“I tend to be most interested in the kinds of people who do not sweeten or dilute themselves for the sake of people’s taste. Who never soften the blow of who they are. Like my coffee, I prefer the people I connect with to be full-strength and searing hot. Those able to rouse my weary, idle heart.”
— Beau Taplin // Black Coffee

Self-love may take any form like a relaxing hot bath, scented candles, sipping a cup of coffee while reading a calming book, dressing up in your favorite skirt, treating yourself to a getaway trip, and good food.

Nouhaila Zehouani

“My favorite pick from YFN is this Customized Name Necklace. I create it with my own name because I wanted to treat myself and always remind myself that I’m loved.”

We should know that self-love isn’t really just about pampering yourself.

Nouha understands that loving herself is a fundamental skill to generate greater confidence and inner strength. You can see her always glowing with bright smiles. She cherishes her own body and beauty, which makes her confident in posing and sharing her fashion looks with the public.

A Timeless Style that is favored by many YFN Influencers

Miss Chamss – Mini Model

” I picked this custom name necklace and created it for my precious princess Chamss. I enjoy styling her and now she is greatly influenced by me with her own taste. I asked her advice on a few styles and both of us had our eyes on this timeless and beautiful piece. This would be her First Name Necklace! Such meaningful memories that we will never forget. ”

Anna Rita

“I selected a name necklace and personalized it to display my full name to remind me of all the memories growing up. It also reminds me of the special people in my life to whom this name is especially relevant. My family gave this My First Anna to me and later I added Rita to be my middle name.

#2 Meaningful Custom Jewelry For the Birthday of Your Love

Buying gifts can be so frustrating because it circles every year. You must have the same struggle when selecting a thoughtful and personal gift that can express your love for the birthday person. You must check out these custom Jewelry which will go above and beyond while staying within the budget.

Here is a Sunflower Photo Locket Necklace at the most affordable, fashionable, and thoughtful necklace for your bestie’s birthday. Imagine giving this to her and telling her she is blooming like a gift of beauty to the world as the sunflower. Then, lead her to the underlying surprise by opening the stunning locket. She must be screaming to see your best memories inside the photo locket. It will be unforgettable to have something that she will remember you every second while wearing. 

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