Many considerations go into a person’s decision to purchase a particular piece of jewelry. Sometimes it’s a specific style, a design that stands out, their favorite color, or anything else along those lines. Or maybe it brings back a treasured memory of something or someone because it is essential for them. Nevertheless, it’s could be the reason for the story behind the jewelry or the piece itself strikes a chord with them. A significant portion of our one-of-a-kind custom jewelry designs conveys a message somehow. If you don’t already know, animal jewelry like the owl bracelet, bear earrings, and fox earrings is always one of the most popular selections among jewelry selections.

How about porcelain animal jewelry? Go for the Fox Earrings, Owl Bracelet or Bear Earrings!

It should be no surprise that the natural world and animals have a starring part in YFN’s fine jewelry. Tessa has handled various animal motifs throughout her career, ranging from bee jewelry to pig jewelry, Owl Bracelet, Bear Earrings, Fox Earrings, and insect-filled secret gardens. However, the animal series that she is perhaps most known for is her collection of porcelain animal earrings. 

These one-of-a-kind designs contain a unique creature made of porcelain, which is then meticulously combined with jewels and metal embellishments to form a pair of striking, intentionally mismatched earrings. They exemplify a childlike, fairy-tale interest in the natural world, which is highly typical of YFN’s brand, and are characterized by qualities such as being whimsical, playful, and unforgettable.

Interesting Legends or Cultural Beliefs of Symbolic Animals

There are many spiritually inclined persons who, because they relate so strongly with the symbolism of a particular animal, choose that species to be their “spirit animal.” They can find the courage and motivation they need from looking at this animal. It is not uncommon for other people to determine your spirit animal for you because they see traits associated with that animal in who you are as a person.

After seeing animals in their dreams, some people may go to the lore associated with such creatures. The spiritual process of interpreting an animal that appears in a dream is very subjective, but becoming familiar with the symbolism of the animal in question might assist you in pondering the various meanings that could be attached to your dreams. You’ll find the most beautiful jewelry that ties together the meanings of these intriguing symbols here at YFN.

Fox Locket:

There has long been an association between foxes and death, creativity, and good luck. The Celts believe that the fox may act as a spiritual compass and help you find your way in the hereafter. This cute art 925 Sterling Silver Personalized Fox Locket is one of the feelings of pride of YFN.

owl bracelet
bear earrings

Wolf Locket:

It is a wolf that watches over him. He is independent in his judgment and bases his choices on his ability to see the future. In addition to this, wolves are faithful. It would help if you went with YFN’s Wolf Locket, an intriguing jewelry piece. If you find yourself drawn to the wolf head necklace, it is a sign that the wolf is your spirit animal and that you have a solid connection to dedication, consistency, and guardianship concepts.

Bee Locket:

The bee is the ideal combination of symbols to wear and present since it can be worn in various ways, such as earrings, necklaces, or rings. Many people believe that the bee is a sign of community, camaraderie, and altruism. They also believe that the bee represents brightness, joy, beauty, and celebration. However, if you dig a little further, you’ll find that the humble bee has much more to offer. Find the best bee locket at YFN.

fox earrings
fox earrings

Snake Necklace:

The ancient Egyptian pharaohs wore religious pendants in the form of snakes around their necks. These snakes were seen as symbols of monarchy and divinity. The Romans had a variety of meanings for this emblem, ranging from a representation of eternal love to a sign of intelligence. The ancient Greeks held snakes in high regard as holy representations of knowledge and the goddess of the moon and fertility.

Help animals at Risks

Ectothermic reptiles and sea turtles are enormous, air-breathing creatures. They can’t retreat inside their shell-like land turtle because they lack salt glands, paddle-shaped flippers, and a streamlined body. Sea turtles have forebears that predate the dinosaurs by 245 million years. They are much smaller than they were in the past compared to their forefathers. In 70 million years, Archelon, the enormous sea turtle known, measured 16 feet long from flipper to flipper and weighed more than 5,000 pounds. The 7-foot-long leatherback sea turtle, the enormous living sea turtle, may weigh up to 2,000 pounds.

Until the 1970s, turtle populations were decimated by overharvesting meat, eggs, leather, and tortoise shells. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 and the Florida Statutes, Chapter 370, protect all species of sea turtles from extinction. According to these rules, “No one may take, harass, hurt or try to engage in any such activity against sea turtles (including nests and eggs), shoot, wound, kill, trap, or capture.” There are civil fines of up to $25,000, criminal penalties of $100,000, and up to a year in jail for anybody who knowingly breaches any act provision.

Conservation of our dear Elephant

Elephants have massive bodies, big ears, and long trunks, and they are enormous terrestrial creatures that can be found anywhere in the world. Elephants have a variety of purposes for their trunks, including sucking water for drinking and washing, picking up things, trumpeting warnings, greeting other elephants, and greeting each other. 

Tusks may be grown by both male and female African elephants, and each elephant can have either left or right tusks. Because of the effects of wear and tear, the tusk used more frequently is typically shorter. The tusks of elephants are used for a variety of things. These elongated teeth may be utilized in various ways, including protecting the elephant’s trunk, lifting and moving items, gathering food, and removing bark from trees. They also have a role to play in defensive situations. Elephants will even use their tusks to dig holes in the earth to obtain water during a prolonged drought.

Sea Turtle Bracelet :

The beaded bracelet shaped like a sea turtle shows your dedication to the campaign for clean oceans and the preservation of sea turtles. Wearing it will serve as a constant reminder to cut down on your use of plastic, urge others to take steps to safeguard the things they care about and help you live a more sustainable lifestyle. One pound of rubbish will be removed from the ocean and beaches thanks to the proceeds from the sale of each bracelet.

Star Fish Set:

Jewelry designers have always had a fondness for sterling silver starfish charms in their creations. They have a strong demand in the springtime and can be located in virtually any gift shop near the seaside. Charms made of sterling silver starfish are worn not only because they are attractive to the eye but also because they symbolize rebirth, collaboration, and equality. The concept of rebirth is straightforward; for example, it is not difficult for a starfish to replace an amputated arm. However, it is easy to misunderstand the implications of collaboration and equality; for example, for a starfish to move and eat, each of its limbs must be used in conjunction with the others.

Dangle Pearl Earring 

Earrings are a must-have accessory for every collection, and ours, which feature real, freshwater, shell, or baroque pearls, complement our pearl bracelets or necklaces. The pearl earrings sold by YFN are available in various styles, including statement drop earrings, hoop earrings, gemstone stud earrings, and stud earrings. A fine selection of pearl earrings is gold plated.

Elephant Memorial Urn Necklace

The elephant is a sign of the strength and immortality of life; no matter where you move, you should always carry the memories of your greatest love with you. Cremation jewelry, also known as an urn necklace, memorial jewelry, keepsake jewelry, or remembrance jewelry, is a beautiful way to remember and honor the people who have passed away.

Elephant Memorial Urn Necklace
Always In My Heart

Personalized Photo Elephant Bracelet Charm:

This baby elephant is just precious. We provide the option of adding a single initial to make it more personal. You also have the option of selecting either a necklace or bracelet adorned with fortunate charms. Each piece of jewelry is crafted uniquely for you and etched with meticulous attention to detail. An excellent option for a present for your mother, sister, or even your grandmother.

Parenthood Love of Elephants:

The elephant is a fantastic totem animal associated with immense intelligence, protection, and good luck. In most cultures, the elephant is seen as a sign of good luck, and the animal itself is seen as a representation of good fortune. Wearing elephant jewelry is said to bring good fortune to the person who wears it, and such jewelry also makes an excellent present for someone you want to wish for success in whatever endeavor. It is stated that whoever wears elephant jewelry will be blessed with good fortune and would find it easier to find inner calm.

House Photo Locket: 

Things like a necklace with a picture inside of it can serve as a symbol of your social status, a game-changer for a night out, the finishing touch to your daily outfit, a venue for you to be able to make tonnes of money, and perhaps most importantly, jewelry can serve as a token of your appreciation and love.

There are times when a couple of my friends would ask me what they should get for a gift, which is how I realized that many people, including you, are still confused about what jewelry would make a beautiful present and what they should buy. If you were to ask me, I’d say you should get a locket because they typically come with an “engraved” pendant.

Gifting a Photo Necklace? Here’s How to Time It Right.

1- A necklace with a photo (called a locket) that sometimes comes with an “engraved” pendant is an excellent alternative when you’re unsure of what jewelry to buy as a Christmas present.

2-It’s an excellent idea to get a necklace with a photo of the baby’s face for your closest friend who’s expecting a child.

3-Gold or silver heart necklaces with pictures are the most excellent pitches for mothers day gifts to your mum. It would be ideal for your mother, who has a strong affinity for the old-fashioned.

4-A locket or heart necklace, sometimes with an “engraved” pendant, is a terrific alternative if you want to buy a piece of jewelry for yourself but aren’t sure what to get.

5-In the event that you have difficulty making up your mind between the two why not merge the two into one?

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