The pearl is reimagined into many modern pieces by different jewelry brands. All the beauties wearing pearls are not looking to rely on logos, or sparkle that asks for attention, they are wearing these natural gems in enduring and inspiring styles. Pearl jewelry is no longer a privilege for mother or grandma, it has been inspiring and adopted by a new crop of brands to create young and stylish designs mentioned in Forbes last year. Styles like the freshwater pearl bracelet or a dainty pearl necklace are trending designs for 2022.

Hottest Pearl Style Lookbook

#1 Single Freshwater Cultured Pearl Open Ring

Decorate your fingers with gems from the sea to make an apparent statement. This Freshwater Cultured Pearl Open Ring is finely made with well-polished 925 Sterling silver in a bezel setting. It is such a simple but statement piece that your eyes can not avoid looking at it.

#2 Irregular Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Discover this exquisite contemporary pearl bracelet featuring a half side of freshwater pearls and the other half in irregular wavey silver bangle. This is definitely an art piece that combines modern and divine appeal in one.

#3 Hammered Pearl Irregular Hoop Earrings Gold Plated Jewelry

Lustrous irregular-shaped freshwater cultured pearls match with the hammered trendy hoop earrings creating a chic look. The pearl hangs freely under the elongated hoop giving extra movement to your whole look. Complete your pearl set with the petite bracelet above.

#4 Melting Square Dainty Pearl Necklace

The hint of silky white pearl dips unconsciously on the melting square pendant enlights the tone of the necklace to the next level. It comes in a bead chain of 24″ + 2″ inches long, which you can simply wear alone or layer with any other jewelry you have in your collection.

Pearl Buying Guide

Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Freshwater pearls are cultivated on farms located in freshwater rivers, lakes, or ponds. The largest producers of cultured freshwater pearls are in US and China. Cultured pearls are more affordable because they are produced in farms with human intervention to speed up the maturing process. Most are processed by hand instead of machine, due to the vulnerable nature of the living mollusks.

Freshwater Pearls compare to Saltwater Pearls

Freshwater pearl usually takes about 18-24 months to cultivate before harvesting. Compared to Saltwater pearls, they take lesser time to develop because the layers of nacre  are less compact. The reason that natural pearls are so expensive is that they are very rare to find. The statistic shows that only one natural pearl can be found in 1 in 10,000 wild oysters. The thing is, not every natural pearl is qualified to be jewelry-graded, which marks up the market price of natural pearl jewelry.

How to clean pearls

Pearls rate only a 3 on the Mohs scale because they are a fairly soft and scratchable natural gem. They are vulnerable to acid, extremes of humidity, and alkaline. Specific care is highly required to protect them and keep them looking shiny. Find out the Dos and Don’t from the following to keep your pearl glowing in timeless luster.


  1. Wipe your pearls gently with a soft cloth after every wearing
  2. Lay them separately when storing your pearls to prevent tangles and scratches
  3. If you bought a string of pearl necklace that is strung with silk thread, make sure to have them restrung every year or every few years.
  4. Clean them with warm water and a non-detergent soap occasionally to keep them hydrated.


  1. Don’t use toothbrushes to clean your pearls
  2. Don’t soak them or clean them with vinegar, bleach, or ultrasonic cleaners.
  3. Don’t wear pearls while applying cosmetics, perfumes, and hair sprays! Wear them last!

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