Are you thinking of buying your lovely friends, co-workers, or family a unique heat shape jewelry to celebrate their birthday or milestones in life? The heart shape is one of the most iconic themes in the jewelry industry because it is a universal symbol of love and passion. Celebrate with the 3 symbolic heart jewelry for different occasions including the initial heart necklace gold(14 karats), sparkling pink heart stud, and 10 Karat yellow gold moissanite heart jewelry!

Playful and Enchanting Pink Heart Studs | $25 Gift Guide

YFN Jewelry proudly presents the sparkling pink heart studs with Shiny Sequins in vibrant dragonfly color. Pink heart celebrates unromantic relationships and the sparkles foster a sense of “I really appreciate you”. This is a great gift for friends and family, especially for the younger generations. The dazzling heart emits brilliant light from every angle, just like the recipients.

Initial Heart Necklace Gold in 14K| $199 Gift Guide

Simple and timeless.

A Customized Initial Letter Necklace in 14 Karat Yellow Gold loudly presents high quality and profound love as a gift. It is perfect for everyday wear and basic to layer with any multiple necklaces on top. You may remind yourself to always follow your heart and stay strong on your personal strength will help you survive any struggles in life. Create your own Initial Heart Necklace with a secret code, personal initial, or your lover’s initials!

10 & 14K Yellow Gold Moissanite Heart Necklace | $ 300 Gift Guide

The Heart Necklace celebrates the infinite bond between you and your love. Tell her by this One-Of-A-Kind Gold Nest Wrapped Design that she is always loved and protected. She is as precious as the pearl and will shine as brilliant as the moissanite, but she can also rest in the nest whenever she needs a back.

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