Miguel Vargus is definitely a young sports star to follow during the previous MLB game in San Francisco! Vargas walked into the clubhouse with a confident and bright smile with one Barry Bonds Earring hanging from his left ear. Vargas’s confidence level and his skills are very rare for a 22-year-old, especially when he held the bat in his hands. Discover more about him and support your favorite baseball player with a customizable baseball charm!

This Wednesday, August 3, he flashed one of the best hit tools in a hurry, going 2-for-4 with two RBIs at Oracle Park.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said “He’s been around the game for quite some time and when you understand the game, he’s got a good heartbeat,”

“He’s always kind of looking at the field and the game and understands the game, the scoreboard, but it’s an uncanny ability to slow things down.”

Vargas hit an RBI double to right-center field with six family members in attendance in his first Major League at-bat. According to Statcast, he hit it at an exit velocity of 106 mph and traveled 396 feet.

Barry Bonds Earring | Wear One On Your Left Ear!

Complete your baseball fan look with a Barry Bonds earring! Barry Bonds, Miguel Vargus, Ma’ Khail, Josh Donaldson, Nick Young, and more! There are countless stars other than baseball players who are spired by Barry Bonds and wear the same cross hoop earring.

Origin of Barry Bonds Earrings

If you are a baseball fan from the 80s & 90s, you must know that Barry Bonds wears a cross earring on his left ear regularly to almost every game. He started wearing it in 1986 with the Pittsburgh Pirates and it has become a symbol of his flash.

The cross was given to him by his grandfather as a pendant. Later, Bonds customized this meaningful jewelry piece into a hoop earring, which he wore throughout his time in Pittsburgh.

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