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The Appeal Of Flora

Few people truly appreciate flowers for what they are. They can be a springtime pain for people with allergies, and those of us who are more pragmatic might think it’s stupid to bring a bouquet of cut flowers inside to have them wilt and perish in a matter of days. Most people, though, find happiness in receiving flowers and the joy of picking wildflowers. Stay until the end to take home the birth flower guide and YFN Annual Sales to help you save some $$!

Is There a Flower Associated with Your Birthday?

Romans introduced the habit of commemorating birthdays with birth-month flowers. Romans used flowers for deity sanctuaries and birthday gifts.

Lady Mary Wortley Montagu introduced the idea that flowers may convey significance to England. Just like the February birthstone denotes sincerity and the June birthstone represents wisdom, each month has a specific flower. Floriography takes almost a century to attain popular recognition.

Poinsettias are widely associated with Christmas, the December Christian holy day honoring Christ’s birth. Many people value their birthstone and flower. Poinsettia is one of December’s four flowers. The flower’s seasonal development cycle determines when it’s featured.

YFN’s Birth Flower Jewelry can be found here.

If you, your significant other, or a loved one has a passion for the outdoors, then the natal flower rings in our collection are the perfect gift for you. You should look at these art pieces, particularly if you are searching for a birthday present or want to buy one because these are some of the best options.

Engravable Full Band Designs For Nature Lovers

Flower Lovers: Birth Flowers & Plants Rings

Whether or not you have a soft spot for Nature, this collection is a gorgeous addition to your fashion closet due to its understated elegance. The best part is that you can engrave your personal message inside the band.

The Flower Lover’s Collection comes in four styles. Two aesthetic styles are filled with over 17 flowers and plants. Style 1 is a Wild Floral Crown featuring a full circle of birth flowers and wildflowers. Whereas style 2 the Spring Garden Band will be perfect for plant lovers who are obsessed with wild plants and wildflowers.

Style 1: Wild Floral Crown
Style 2: Spring Garden Band

Full Circle Dragonfly and Butterfly Bands

The other two are a full circle of butterflies and dragonflies. They are ideal for all nature enthusiasts and would make a great gift for your date. Whether you purchase it or not, its magnificence cannot be denied. Check it out once to appreciate its elegance and beauty.

Style 3: Dragonfly Ring
Style 4: Butterflies Ring

Wild Flowers Plants Rings For Flower Lover

A great option for teenagers who enjoy jewelry, particularly nature-inspired designs. This is intended specifically for nature-loving adolescent teenagers, although you may still wear it if you like classic jewelry.

This beautiful collection comes in 3 combinations with a different birth flower as the main theme. Each will add a touch of magic to your big day if you’re a fan of the myths and stories surrounding the flowers associated with your birthday. Perhaps it would be perfect for a birthday present. 

Style 1: October Cosmos & Wild Flowers
Style 2: April Daisy & Wild Flowers
Style 3: July Lotus & Wild Flowers

In a show of affection, one can wear a floral ring with the names and symbolism of each month’s birth flower.


January’s bloom is the carnation, and colored carnations have distinct meanings. Men often wear this long-lasting bloom on their lapels. 


Purple blossoms are fascinating. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Irises symbolize creativity, while violets symbolize dedication.


In March, the daffodils bloom. The daffodil is one of the first spring flowers to appear, and its bright color is pleasant. Daffodils symbolize courage.


April daisies or peonies? This resilient wildflower grows along highways, in meadows, and in summer gardens. 


May Lily-of-the-valley. Both flowers smell heavenly. Wherever it grows, the lily of the valley scents the air. 


June rose. Roses have a 35-million-year history. Danny DeVito’s The War of the Roses (1989), starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas, features the rose. A red rose symbolizes passion.


July’s flower: Delphinium. Larkspur is a perennial buttercup flower. Violet, blue, white, red, and yellow are colors. They demand direct sunlight and have prickly stalks. 


Dahlias and gladiolas are August’s flowers. Elegant and noble, the dahlia is thought to symbolize a couple’s, everlasting love.


September’s aster. Aster symbolizes fulfillment.


October’s Calendula. Calendula gives marigolds their yellow and orange hues as daisies. 


November chrysanthemums. This large-blooming flower comes in many colors and styles. The bloom’s mauve, yellow, and orange tones match autumn’s foliage.


December offers holly, narcissus, paperwhites, and poinsettias. December has many birth flowers, but let’s stick with the poinsettia for clarity. Aztecs believed poinsettias represented innocence.

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