Even though we have passed the hottest day in summer, summer is still calling for less cloth and more jewelry! Discover the Best Summer Vibes Jewelry including the butterfly belly ring and silver infinity ring. YFN’s influencers Fairuza and Marika are presenting a few fashionable outfit inspirations of how to wear them.

First Look: Butterfly Belly Ring

‘Chasing the sunsets’ Look Created By YFN Influencer @fairuzaaa__

Whether you are living in a beach town or traveling to one, you are probably hunting for some summer jewelry to go with your bikini and summer outfit. Definitely get a unique Belly
Button Ring
like Fairuza when you have the chance to show off your belly!

Follow the sun, wherever it leads.

Let the sun shine in and let the waves come through. Mix and match your belly button rings with pearl, shell, or color jewelry!

Tips Before You Get Belly Piercing

The standard belly button piercing is positioned about half to one Inch(1/2″-1″) above the belly button. The barbell would go through the inner wall of your navel cavity and the other end rests directly over your belly button. You shall see the ring sitting inside or hanging on top of your belly button as the end result.

Second Look: Sterling Silver Infinity Ring

‘Aesthetic Details’ Look Created By YFN Influencer @marika.molino

When you are rushing out the door for a date or work, but want to grab a piece of jewelry that can match any outfit yet is not so ordinary, it shall be the Silver Infinity Ring. You can easily create an aesthetic look with the cooling tone of a sterling silver ring. When the sun hits the brilliant Zirconia in the center stone and side stones, it will reflect sparkles in the humid but vital air.

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