Unique and refined. Find out ways to wear hoop earrings that will never go out of style. Timeless styles like Pearl Huggie Earrings and 14K Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings await your admiring! Dive in now!

Hoop Earrings – Jewelry That Moves With You

Hoop earrings have been a principal accessory for all generations due to their statement figure to stand out as a unique yet timeless accessory. Traditional hoop earrings are largely round circles enclosed with a clasp or a hook. Now you can find all kinds of geometric designs in triangles, rectangular, crescent, or irregular shapes. Hoop earrings are offered in a variety of precious metals.

Hoop earrings compliments all face shapes, and they are especially flattering on square-shaped faces. There are no mathematical standards for picking the best hoop that fits you. It relays on the whole look, including your face shape, your haircut, and your hair style. In fact, most people collect at least a few hoops to match different occasions.

Skipping the very classic and traditional statement hoop, we are jumping right on the

#1 Sterling Silver Twisted Open Hoops | 14K Gold Twisted Hoop Earrings

A timeless small piece that can be created in a modern or vintage look. Lightweight and durable 925 Sterling silver twisting together to produce surging shapes. This Tube Hoop Twist Open Earring is definitely a new spin on an old classic.


Roby is a nature and make-up lover. She is talented in many ways and created a few effortless natural looks with the Tube Twisted Open Earring purchased at YFN. Check out her inspirational ideas for styling hoop earrings. You can either wear them alone or mix and match them with other side earrings.

#2 Double Side Pearl Hoop Earrings in Gold | Pearl Huggie Earrings

Another extraordinary piece from our new collection must be the Double-Sided Pearl Open Hoop Earrings In Yellow Gold Color. This intently creates an elegant vibe to go with your everyday work look or dine-out look. The luminous, silky gemstone falls on both sides of the twisted open hoop inevitably enhancing the interpretation of this fashionable piece of art.

Fashion Style Inspo from YFN Influencers


Debora is a fashion beauty influencer with a Marketing Doctor degree. She is passionate about fashion, beauty, art, and touring, which you can see all hints from her profile.

She managed this illuminating sunset look with wakeup cosmetics, matching with YFN’s Double-Sided Pearl Open Hoop Earrings. The yellow gold color on the hoop blends in with the sunshine but is highlighted with drops of pearls.

#3 Medium Two Sided Tennis Hoop Earrings at an Affordable Price

If you are looking for a practical and functional hoop, this 2-sided Tennis Hoop Earring would be the best fit! You can dress it up by wearing the sparkling ‘diamond’ side on the front or switch it to the plain silver side to lower the attention. A regular diamond hoop earring will cost at least a few hundred dollars, but you can easily purchase this alternative at 25.99$.

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Photo and Inspiration by YFN Influencers:

Roby Rondinella @robirondi

Debora @debbydipalma

Vanessa @vanessita__cat

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