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If you search yoga earrings or yoga jewelry online, you will find a lot of lotus earrings, ohm stud earrings and gemstone earrings with healing colors. Have you ever wondered why yoga earrings look like that?

Lotus and Yoga

Lotus symbolizes purity and rebirth throughout the world as it lives in a dirty pool but remains un-soiled. Lotus has been long adored by different groups such as the ancient Egyptians, Hinduism and Buddhism. Among them, Buddhists give highly praise for its purity. Lotus is regarded as the symbolic of the purity of body, speech and mind in Buddhism. As for yogi, the lotus flower symbolizes the expansion of the soul and spiritual awakening.

The Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

There is a famous pose in yoga which is named after lotus pose. People seat on a pad and keep their upper body straight. Both of their knees are bended on the opposite thigh with the sole of their foot facing upward. This is also a representative meditation pose in Buddhism. Therefore, it is reasonable to connect lotus to yoga. Comparing to yoga gestures earrings, lotus yoga earrings are much pretty and meaningful

Ohm and Yoga

Ohm was believed that it is the original sound of all creation. And people further believed that ohm has the same frequency as the Universe. Chanting and hearing ohm can affect our body since it can relieve the tense nerve system and make people calm down. If you are a students of yoga, you must be not unfamiliar to the sound of ohm as it sometimes goes through all the practice. Thus, it is reasonable to regard ohm pattern as a symbol of yoga.

Healing Colors and Yoga

It is said that the energy wavelengths of the different colors of the light spectrum can have a significant effect upon your health and general well-being. There are seven colors available in healing colors yoga earrings including red, orange, green, pink, blue, dark blue and purple. In yoga, each of them has different healing effects on human body.

YFN Yoga Earrings

yoga earrings
yoga earrings

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