dainty crystal necklace

Nobody doesn’t love jewelry with shining crystals, especially women. But do you know that crystal impact your body just by hanging on your neck? Don’t worry. They do good for your body and it is demonstrated by scientific statistic data. Click here to view more dainty crystal necklaces. 

Vibrational Frequency of Crystal

Everything in the massive universe has its vibrational frequency, including organisms and inorganic beings. And crystal has a high vibrational frequency compared to human beings which impact a positive effect on the human body. Its stable and regular frequency also works for human health as the structure of a crystal is the most stable and orderly structure in nature.

How Does Crystal Work

dainty crystal necklace
dainty crystal necklace

When incongruous energy enters the crystal, it is converted into stable and balanced vibrations. It is in this way that crystals work on our human energy fields.

The human energy field is an energy field formed by the interaction between the electromagnetic field of the human body and various magnetic fields. From the time of our birth, our energy field is connected to the earth and is influenced by the magnetic fields of the planets and cosmic rays.

It is through the energy system that our life is constantly exchanging information and energy with the outside world.

The chakras are the important “energy organs” of the energy system. It is the energy receiver and transformer of the human energy field, it governs the glands in the body and directs the flow of life force to vital organs; it connects our body, mind, and spirit, and if our chakras are out of balance it may lead to an imbalance in our biological system or mental illness.

Wearing Green Crystal Necklace

In modern times, people’s energy fields often become blocked and leaky resulting in the abnormal energy flow of the life force within the body’s organs, due to mental and emotional stress. If you let it go, this can eventually lead to the contraction of minor or potentially serious imbalances in the biological system. Conversely, if we align our energy systems, it is also possible to bring an imbalanced body, mind, and spirit back into balance.

The Functions of Different Types of Crystals

We can use the frequency of crystals to improve our vibrational frequency. For example, wearing a piece of white crystal jewelry can purify and expand our energy field; Matching with a green tourmaline crystal necklace can repair our energy holes; Tea crystal and black tourmaline can strengthen the connection between our magnetic field and the earth’s magnetic field so that negative energy can be better eliminated; Aquamarine can defend against verbal attacks; Fluorite can protect against electromagnetic pollution (electric radiation).

Crystals help us to get out of chaos and disorder through their perfect and stable frequency. Here are the best crystal sellers at YFN. Get one and pick up our energy again.

Cremation Crystal Urn Necklace

crystal urn necklace
crystal urn necklace

It is common to wear an urn necklace to commemorate the loved one who has passed away. Since you have to choose a piece of jewel to hold ashes why not a cremation crystal necklace? It always impacts a positive effect on your body just like the one you loved. Wear our dainty crystal urn necklace to heal your broken heart.

Crystal Jewels for Friends

crystal urn pendant
crystal urn pendant

Shining crystal jewels would be also a good choice for your friends since jewelry always makes people charming and better. The marvelous magic of jewelry is to store precious memories, also precious friendship between the giver and receiver. Whenever your friend wears it, love and closeness will flood back. More dainty crystal friendship necklaces are available.

Crystal Necklace for A Loved One

crystal urn jewelry
crystal urn jewelry

It is unavoidable that you have to send a gift to your spouse or girlfriend at holidays and festivals. Why not choose a piece of jewelry with a healing crystal? Both of you can get a stable temper and mood.

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