chicago mexican independence day

Friday, September 16 is celebration of Mexican Independence Day! This day is considered to be the best time to travel to Mexico so you can get the fullest experience with the locals! If you are in the United States, make sure to attend the Chicago Mexican Independence Day Parade.

Origins Of Mexican Independence Day

The ‘Moment Of Hope’ For Mexico

Independence Day is the general national Day in Mexico celebrating with parties, fiestas, music, parades and festive fireworks. In September 1810, Father Hidalgo declared Mexico’s Independence from Spain, which marks the birth of the Mexican Independence Day. This day has become the national holiday in Mexico and celebrated by all Mexicans with pride around the world. Tracing back, the official day Mexico became independence from Spain was on Aug.24, the day Spain signed the Treaty of Córdoba.

Chicago Mexican Independence Day

The Independence parade of Chicago will be held this Sunday, September 11, 2022 at Little Village, located on 26th street and Albany Avenue. Acknowledging that the 26th street Parade is considered as one of the largest parade in the midwest, which brings over 500,00 participants around the world. It has become a tradition of this neighborhood(one of the country’s largest Mexican American Communities) featuring musical bands, folkloric dances, and colored floats.

Little Village | Chicago Mexican Independence Day
Little Village Chamber Organization | Chicago Mexican Independence Day

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Mexican Independence Day Jewelry: Skull Playing Guitar On The Moon

Skull, Cowboy Hat and Guitar are one the three signature of the Mexican Culture. How amazing would it be to have all three on one jewelry? Make it even more romantic by putting this combination on a hollow crafted crescent moon.

Skull Playing Guitar On The Moon Necklace | Chicago Mexican Independence Day
YFN Influencer: Azua
Skull Playing Guitar On The Moon Necklace | Chicago Mexican Independence Day
YFN Influencer: Azua

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