Have you ever wondered, where do diamonds come from? And how do they turn into a piece of delicate diamond necklace showing at the mall? You might know that diamonds are rare, which makes them so valuable and popular, but how are they formed exactly?

How Are Diamonds Formed?

It could date back millions of years ago, they are formed from applying extreme heat and pressure to graphite which lays deep in the Earth’s core, and they were transformed into the diamond that we know and value today.

delicate diamond necklace

What makes diamonds so popular?

Diamonds in and of itself created a long history of being highly-valued and sought after by a majority of people. It is a blend of their distinctiveness; rigidity, infrequency, and rare physical simplicity that made them a ideogram for social, economic status, and success. In today’s society, having such tangible object truly reflects our social and economic standing, which are exceedingly significant. So if you haven’t owned a piece of delicate diamond pendant yet, invest one right now as the fine diamonds stay valuable forever.

Can Diamonds be Manufactured?

Thanks to the development of science, we now have the ability to make diamonds in a highly controlled laboratory under those necesa. Although their origins may not be quite as glamorous as their natural counterpart, they contain the same feature and beauty. The only differences between a natural diamond and an artficial one is the age gap between the two and their  price – artficial diamonds are much more affordable!

delicate diamond necklace


Nowadays, engagement rings of diamond are sought after in almost every culture. While in the early days they symbolized ownership, today they are symbols of mutual commitment and eternal love. The styles of diamond engagement rings are also constantly evolving, and there are now countless different diamond shapes, cuts and even colors to choose from.

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