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The Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96 on September 8, 2020 (1926-2022). The British government triggered the “Operation London Bridge” of handling the queen’s death. The kind-hearted queen was the world’s second-longest-reigning monarch who was serving her people till her ‘last breath. We shall read about her story in detail next week. Before that, we may recall some bright memories of her fashion legacy! One of her most glamorous jewels is the The Grand Duchess Vladimir and you can find affordable alternatives like the tiara crystal ring.

All Closed! Britain Entering 10 Days Mourning Period

All entertainment including the museums is closed for the following 10 days. The country will be griefing for the fall down of the Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s Most Iconic Jewel

Queen Elizabeth II’s fashion legacy is inevitably inspiring throughout the years. Many of us can recall her formal look that has become a Fashion Icon for not only the ages but probably the whole fashion industry.

Her Favourite Diamond Tiara

Besides the notable St Edward’s Crown being placed on Queen Elizabeth II on June 2 of 1953, tiara crowns have become a piece of signature jewelry that the queen wear the most.

One of The Queen’s Favourite Tiara: The Grand Duchess Vladimir

It was originally smuggled out of Russia after the assassination of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. It is named after the first owner glamorous Grand Duchess Vladimir and his wife who was the last Romanov to escape Russia.

After that great history of the first owner, Elizabeth II’s grandmother, Queen Mary purchased the Vladimir tiara from the daughter of the grand Duchess Vladimir in 1921. The Vladimir Tiara had 3 different ways to wear it and it consists of fifteen intertwined diamond loops. The queen wore it alone or interchanged it with emerald drops and pearl drops.

Photo From: GETTY & Town and Country
Photo From: Donald McKague / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Alternative Tiara Crystal Ring

An alternative Mini Tiara can be worn daily on your finger. The Rose Gold Color Tiara Crystal Ring consists of 6 half loops surrounding the center pearl shape crystal which brings out elegance and vintage style. One way to mourn for the queen is to wear something that reminds you of her. We should remember all of the best parts she has left for us and you can proudly introduce her to the younger generations starting from this Tiara Ring. Once upon a time, actually not very far from now, there was a queen called Elizabeth II…

Rose Gold Tiara Crystal Ring
Rose Gold Tiara Crystal Ring
Rose Gold Tiara Crystal Ring
Rose Gold Tiara Crystal Ring

Photo Credits from ELLE, Town & Country.

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