Christmas is coming, which is a time for family members to reunite and have fun together.

But for families who lost their loved ones not long ago, it would be a difficult time of year because holidays will accentuate the grief of losing someone.

It is also not an easy task to communicate with bereaved family members during holidays because there are no powerful words in the world that can pacify their scars. But there are still rules that we can obey to avoid accentuating their grief. We have gathered the thoughts of those who have experienced grieving at Christmas. Check our coupon partner GetsCoupon, gets discount for more items from YFN.

5 pieces of suggestions for interacting with the bereaved

Say sorry for their experience 

People usually feel overwhelmed when communicating with someone who has been bereaved because they don’t know what to say to comfort them. And wonder if it is suitable to mention the deceased. Psychologists suggested that expressing your sorry directly and simply would be the best way to comfort the bereaved.

Recall fond memories together

The reality is that you can’t take away their pain and you also don’t know how they feel but you can make them feel better by talking about fun memories with the deceased. Because the bereaved also want to learn more about the deceased from others such as some unknown details or other people’s views toward their loved ones.

Don’t teach them how to deal with their grief

Don’t act as a master who is good at emotion management and teach a griever how to deal with their grief, let alone judge them. It is very common for friends or family to tell a griever how to get through a difficult period. And we know all the suggestions out of kindness but that doesn’t mean it will come across that way. However, you can ask them what they need or just act like a good listener.

Pay respect to a griever

Please pay enough respect to a griever. If a griever doesn’t want to attend any holiday activities, please give them understanding and grace. Because it would be hard for them to pretend to be fine and they also don’t want to destroy your nice party as grief will affect others. Though they refused your invitation you can still do something for them. Please send some dishes or snacks to them to show your care and kindness. It really works as though they want to spend their time in memory of the deceased they still long for others’ care.

Simple greetings or small gifts 

Small gifts would also be a good choice to pacify their sadness which means powerful encouragement such as sending texts, emails, calls, or handwritten notes. Small gestures can even lighten their hard period.

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