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The longest reigning monarch of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age of 96. Scouring the internet right now would show you everything from her biography to her life achievements and even several popular Queen Elizabeth memes among other things. After her passing at the Balmoral Estate, her son, Prince Charles has crowned the new monarch and now holds the title of King Charles III.

The following days marked the state visit of the newly crowned king as he visited Scotland, Northern Ireland, and, lastly, Wales. Finally, on September 19th, the queen was buried at King George VI Memorial Chapel in St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle during a small family ceremony. Now that the queen is in her final resting place, it is an excellent time to look back at her life and reign.

Key Events Following the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The affairs following the death of Queen Elizabeth II were planned meticulously and were called “Operation London Bridge.” According to the protocol, the first person to find out about the monarch’s passing was the prime minister. The ascension of Prince Charles to the throne happened alongside this protocol and was called “Operation Spring Tide.” Apart from the official funeral proceedings and the crowning of King Charles III, several other matters will also take place.

All the British currency will have the face of the new king on it, including the currencies in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The postage stamps will also see the same change. Other changes to be made include changes to the text on British passports, changes in the national anthem where it will revert to its original wording, and communication of the death and funeral plans to all 38 members of the Commonwealth, which has already happened.

The Love Life and Marriage of Queen Elizabeth II – Queen Elizabeth costume

Out of every Queen Elizabeth costume that we have seen over the years, the most memorable one is her magnificent wedding dress. However, the events that led to that moment are just as interesting. The queen had a loving relationship with her husband, and it started when she was just 13 years old. This is when Prince Phillip was introduced to her at Britannia Naval College in 1939. The two exchanged letters during the war and the relationship grew further when Prince Phillip returned. What is interesting is that there was resistance to the idea of Lilibet marrying a prince who was not “English”. To address this problem, the prince took on the name Mountbatten and relinquished his right to the Danish and Greek thrones.

Being the consort to the queen after her ascension to the throne was not easy for Prince Philip as stories of anger and alleged affairs came out over the years. However, Prince Philip finally got back on his true path and as King George once said to a guest before their wedding, turned out to be “the man for the job.” The following years saw a strong royal couple that raised a family, saw both their sons get married, and present themselves as the ideal couple for many people until Prince Charles died on April 9, 2021.

Queen Elizabeth Costume Appearances and Fashion

While many people believed Queen Elizabeth II to be the queen of people’s hearts, it is not an exaggeration to say that she was also the queen of fashion on many occasions. There are plenty of Queen Elizabeth costume appearances that fashionistas have written home about. Several of her popular dresses were created by Norman Hartnell, including her the gown that she wore on her coronation in 1953.

Queen Elizabeth costume

Another memorable dress was the one she wore on her famed meeting with President Kennedy and his wife Jackie at Buckingham Palace.

Queen Elizabeth costume

Her white taffeta gown that she wore at a state dinner in Rome in 1961 was also quite a big hit, so much that Princess Beatrice later wore it at her wedding in July 2020.

Queen Elizabeth costume

Queen Elizabeth II Haircut and Jewelry

Queen Elizabeth II haircut is one of the most iconic things about her look. She kept the same hairstyle for 70 years and the look never changed during her entire year.

The perfectly symmetrical haircut was all thanks to the senior stylist at Trevor Sorbie salon in London, Ian Carmichael.

During the entirety of her reign, the only change we saw was in the color of her hair as it went from brown to grey, and eventually white.

Many believe that this consistency was her way of staying true to all the images that were in circulation around the kingdom including on currency, stamps, and elsewhere.

The queen’s jewelry collection was also quite impressive, and reports say that she had 46 necklaces, 15 rings, 34 earring pairs, five pendants, 14 watches, and 98 brooches.

She also had several iconic tiaras, the most popular one being the one her wedding tiara. Several replicas have been created during the years by jewelers, some even incorporating the tiara crystal look into rings and other ornaments.

Even though she had a vast collection, the queen is reportedly buried with only two items, both of sentimental value. These items are her wedding ring and a pair of pearl earrings.

Queen Elizabeth Memes

One unique thing about Queen Elizabeth II is that she also had quite a presence on the internet. One way this happened was in the form of Queen Elizabeth memes and the level of presence she has even now is not comparable to any other head of state. Some of the most popular memes include her excitement to see cows, cutting a cake with a ceremonial sword, her ownership of corgis, the One has Not Amused meme, and the false news of her death.

5 Interesting Facts About Queen Elizabeth

Here are five interesting facts that you should know about Queen Elizabeth II:

  1. She was the longest reigning monarch ever in Britain, the second longest in history, led only by Louis XIV of France.
  2. Britain changed 15 prime ministers during the queen’s reign.
  3. She had two birthdays, the actual one being 21 April, and an official one which was celebrated on a Saturday in June.
  4. Apart from her corgis, some other animals that the queen owned included a pair of sloths, a jaguar, an elephant, and two giant turtles.
  5. The queen could drive without a license in the UK, and she did so even in her later years.

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