ring holder necklace for surgeons

It is estimated that between 10-20 percent of people who own wedding bands or engagement rings misplace or lose their rings for a ton of reasons every year. Mainly because they take their rings off and forget to put them back. I am here to share the tips to keep your rings safe on different occasions and how to choose the best keeper in detail.

Three Types of Ring Holders for Home, Workplace or Car

Jewelry Stands:

It is common to place your wedding bands or engagement rings on a jewelry stand at home. It can also be set on your workplace if it is necessary. I am a disaster when it comes to misplacing things so I prepared several ring holders and put them on everywhere I may take my wedding ring off, even in a car. I set up a ring stand behind our windshield so I will take my ring off when I have to take over the wheel.

But if you are a mom of dogs or cats, jewelry dishes perform better than stands. Especially your pet’s delight in knocking things over.

Plates or Jewelry Dishes:

You don’t even need to spend a penny to store your sparkling little thing with jewelry dishes. Just find some empty beverage bottles and cut it into a small bowl or dish, then you get a jewelry dish. You can put them on your kitchen room sink, bathroom sink, bedside tables.

Boxes with Velvet Fabric:

As we all know, a piece of engagement or a pair of wedding bands always comes with a fine box with velvet fabric. As for people who don’t wear their rings daily, storing them in the small warm home is the best choice as it prevents them from being exposed in the air and also won’t be scratched by other metals.

Two Types For Gyms or Outdoor Activities

Bracelets with a Hidden Pocket:

As the name implies, it is a kind of bracelet made of fabric and rubber band so that you can hold your ring on it when you are going out.  It would be a great choice for your workout time.

Regarding purchasing one online, the most important one is picking one with waterproof lining which protects your rings from being ruined by sweat.

Ring Holder Necklace:

ring holder necklace for surgeons
ring holder necklace

Ring holder necklace can be defined as a jewelry problem solved by jewelry. A piece of necklace holds your ring without ruining your stylish fashion.

It has been adored by healthcare workers such as surgeons, nurses, etc. It is definitely the best choice for them. Here are some reasons why surgeons are banned from wearing a ring. Firstly, rings can carry bacteria and contaminate a sterile area. Secondly, rings may scratch surgical instruments, fabric and other items, potentially causing harm to the patient. Finally, many rings are bulky and can get in the way of a surgeon’s ability to perform delicate tasks. 

So if you are a surgeon or are going to be a surgeon without a ring holder necklace, please follow me to pick the best one for you.

How to choose the most suitable ring holder necklace for surgeons?

  • Metal: Silver, 14K Gold, or 18K Gold?
silver ring holder
18k gold ring holder necklace

Technically the pendant of the necklace and the ring could scratch each other, but I don’t think it is a big deal compared to throwing my rings away down the scrub chute. You can polish them in your local jewelry store once a year or scrub it by yourself. So it is important to choose the metal of your ring holder necklace.  

Please select one with a lower hardness metal than your ring. Then it is less likely to scratch your ring. In short, a silver ring holder necklace performs better than others which also won’t empty your pocket.

  • Color: Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold or Silver?

It depends on your preference. As far as I am concerned, rose gold rings should match with rose gold ring holders while white gold rings can match with white gold or silver ring holders as well.

  • Chain: Box Chain, Cable Chain, Link Chain, Snake Chain, Rolo Chain?

There are different types of chains such as the most common rolo chain or cable chain, box chain, link chain, snake chain or Figaro chain. They are different from each other in appearance and add charm to your outfits. It depends on your own preference. But I strongly suggest you pick a thicker one. By the way, you should also put the length into consideration. Too long will obstruct your sight when you bend to do something while too short will make your neck uncomfortable.

  • Claw: Crab Claw or Spring?

I prefer lobster claw because it is more durable and can be used for a variety of tasks. Spring claw is more limited in its uses and isn’t as strong or reliable. Please pay attention to the claws when you are shopping for a ring holder necklace.

Stethoscope with Birthstones Ring Holder Necklace 

This stethoscope ring holder necklace features a round design with a stethoscope silhouette, set in polished 925 sterling silver. Great ring holder gifts for surgeons. Mark your profession with this little sparkly thing now!

Cat Shape Ring Keeper Necklace

The lovely cat pendant is designed specially for cat fans. With a thick chain and adjustable length, it won’t scratch your engagement rings or wedding bands at all. Come on! Get your thing now.

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