It seems weird to add sloths into jewelry since sloths are named after one of the seven deadly sins. But no comment without understanding. Let’s make a deeper learning about sloths and then you’ll know why so many people like sloth bff necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Lazy Guys

According to the scientific literature in 1749, sloths are far from being simple, lazy creatures that just sleep all day. Actually, they have strong muscle, over three times stronger than the average human. Sloths are so good at lifting themselves upwards with their arms. They are complex, mysterious animals that have an evolutionary history so weird.

Lazy Name

As we all known, sloths are named from slow. However, they live an elegant life as they spend a few hours to smooth their fair.

Sleep Long

It sleeps for an average of 2 0 hours a day. A naturalist in Europe tried to see if sloths were active. While a three-toed sloth was sleeping in the wild, he put a bright red plastic plate on top of its head, which was full of water. The next morning, the plate was still where it was, and the water was crowded with insects.

Slow Speed

Sunset is the busiest time for sloths, and “busyness” here is the busiest in the most relaxed sense. It moves on the trunk at a speed of 400 meters per hour in a unique head-down posture. On the ground, when shocked, it will climb to a nearby tree at a speed of 250 meters per hour, which is 440 times slower than the running speed of cheetahs. Without stimulation, it can only move 4 to 5 meters per hour.

Good Swimmer

Sloths are excellent swimmers, good at breaststroke and butterfly stroke. Why did it learn to swim? No one knows. People only know that it lives by the river and is flooded frequently. Whatever the reason, one thing is clear, that is, it has no heavy objects except the leaves in its belly, and has a good quality of floating prisoners.

Sloth’s Way of Life

You may raise a question that how does they survive. They survive by being slow. Thanks to slow moving, they can keep away from good hunters such as jaguars, leopard cats, tropical eagles. They are the only animals on the world that has evolved in reverse. Sloths has become increasingly clumsy, sluggish rather than other animals, always towards increasing speed, resourcefulness and improved responsiveness.

Devotional Hermits with Smiling on Face-Smiling Sloth Necklaces

sloth necklace

Living a harmony with nature and other animals, they don’t hurt any creatures except for leaves. A light smile always hangs on their face. Though you might have never seen a sloth ever, you must know the famous sloth smile in Zootopia. If you have an opportunity to observe them, you will find that they look like a yogi in deep meditation with his head down, or a praying hermit. They are wiser living an imaginative life what are beyond my ability to understand through scientific inquiry.

Broken the Law of Nature

Many people feel that this “freak” still alive in the world is simply a miracle.

In fact, the sloth is a highly evolved mammal which means its habits have been fully adapted to the environment in which it lives. However, other animals, including humans, are unable to escape the natural law of survival of the fittest but the sloth has done. It jumped out of the shackles because it has evolved its own unique behavior patterns and lead a peaceful and happy life.

In Conclusion

This kind of slow life, this kind of attitude with the world, such a philosophy of survival, I have to say, the sloth is really very smart animals. It’s not as simple as it seems. Slow is also a choice. Any kind of temperament or strengths, once developed and strengthened to the extreme, is mostly conducive to a safe life.

Sloth Earrings at YFN Jewelry

sloth earrings
sloth earrings

Sloth Necklaces at YFN Jewelry

sloth necklace
sloth necklace

YFN is committed to help customers show their love, personality and even find the true meaning of life. The original aspiration of sloth series jewelry is to convey the sloth attitude towards life, trying your best to being yourself rather than to be. If you are touched by the calm animal and want to get close to them, please check out YFN sloth necklaces, sloth earrings, etc. More animal jewels are waiting for you to discover.

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