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Here comes the second episode of YFN Kids’ Jewelry Review! This will be your best guide for shopping for children’s jewelry for any occasion. You will find 2 brilliant personalized gift ideas for young children like our two young YFN Influencers. Design a personalized jewelry gift for your children to mark a special moment, either with a sunflower photo locket necklace or a timeless name necklace!

YFN Influencer: Little Princess In The Forest @ Eva

Keeping My Favorite Photo Close To My Heart

Eva chose this sunflower necklace and filled the delicate locket with one of her lovely selfies. Customized Sunflower Photo Locket necklace will allow your little one to keep the memories they cherish and the one they love closer to their heart. There are many possibilities with what to put inside the locket. Just like Eva, you may attach your children’s favorite selfie or an inspiring poem inside. The recommended chain measurement would be from 12-16 inches for children, but make sure to always measure the best length before you purchase to save more time! Find out how to measure necklace length here.

Young YFN Influencer: Little Prince @ Alteo

The Best Birthday Gift

Make the birthday gift more meaningful by adding personalized name engraving onto the jewelry. This Personalized Name Necklace has been a popular trend going for histories. You can choose between 8 fonts and it is such a timeless and fashionable piece that goes with anything! How about this, your children may wear their name every day to school and no one will forget what they are called.

Alteo is a young fashion model from Italy and he loves styling. He selected this as his birthday gift so he can throw on any outfits with it!

Shop Personalized Kids Jewelry For Your Little One At YFN

A gift that they will remember and cherish forever.

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